Groundhog Day Kovid Edition: Humans Witness Phil Awakening

Groundhog Day Kovid Edition: Humans Witness Phil Awakening

“Stand up campers and lift your hearts”. If you have seen the film “One Day Without End” with Bill Murray, skip the first paragraph. If not, then let us explain what “Groundhog Day” is.

Every year for 135 years, on February 2, the residents of the small town of Candlemas Day, Pennsylvania (United States), have predicted the weather at the end of winter … Thanks Groundhog. If she comes out of her bur and does not see his shadow because it is cloudy, she will be outside and the winter will soon be over. Whereas if the weather is good and she sees her shadow, she will be scared and take refuge in her bur, which means that the winter will continue for the next 6 weeks.

A legend borrowed from other similar European legends by American colonists, celebrated by hundreds, to join Phil’s awakening, the Punxsutawney groundhog, made famous by the 1993 comedy “One Day Without End”.

But this year, due to Kovid, the crowd did not come together to participate in the event. It was therefore replaced by false inhabitants as signs. Regulars were invited to follow the program on their television or streaming. The rest of the ceremony took place, with the usual speech being the talkative talk.

For the record, Phil chose between two scrolls, each revealing a prophecy. And they decided that the Northeast United States could wait 6 more weeks of winter.

Note that there are other (less) famous marmots in the Atlantic. They are called Willie in Warton (Ontario) in Canada, Shubenakedi in Sam (Nova Scotia) and Fred in Val-de-Aspire (Quebec).

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