Harry and Meghan of Kate Middleton and Prince William display photos confirm Kensington Palace guest

Kate Middleton And Prince William recently lived in his country home in Norfolk, Emer Hall. But there is also another location in which the family calls home – Apartment 1A in Kensington Palace. Duke and over the years Duchess of Cambridge Kensington Palace has welcomed many guests. And, one guest confirmed that the couple has displayed photos Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, Despite their rumored conflict.

Prince William, Prince Harry, Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton | Paul Grover – WPA Pool / Getty Images

The name ‘Apartment 1A’ is very deceptive

According to Cosmopolitan, Queen Elizabeth’s only sister – Princess Anne – lived in the residence before William and Kate. Renovated the house after they went inside.

Calling a Cambridge house on Kensington Palace an “apartment apartment” is a deception. The residence actually has 20 rooms spread across four stories, and it comes with a list of amenities.

Royal Artist Christopher Warwick told True Beat’s Royal Beat that Artment Part 1 is “not a small house.” It has three “main” bedrooms, her and her dressing room, home gym and Luggage compartment.

He explained that all the royal residences of Kensington Palace are called ments partitions. But, they are nothing like the American word.

“If you think of Kensington Palace, that’s how it’s built around three courtyards. If you think these are beautiful red brick terrace houses, because they are all connected, but separate houses, ”Warwick said.

Prince William and Kate Middleton have been away from Kensington Palace for months

William, Kate and their three children – Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis – left London in early March and retreated to Emerald Hall during the epidemic. According to Inspector, William and Kate took homeschooling duties for their two eldest children before going on a summer break.

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But now that Thomas’ Battersea – George and Charlotte’s school – is set to reopen for the autumn term on September 7, that means Cambridges will return to Kensington Palace after a six-month absence.

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In addition to their time at Emerald Hall, the family has also spent time with the Queen at her summer estate in Balmoral, Scotland. At the Dolphin House, on the island of Tresco on the Isles Scf Sicily, they also enjoyed a short vacation.

William and Kate recently returned to public engagement after making a virtual presentation from their Norfolk home.

Ap Part 1 has photos of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle despite rumors circulating

According to Hello! Magazine, Despite William and Kate’s rumored conflict, photos of Harry and Meghan are hanging in Artment Part 1A. BBC Radio 1 star and Strictly cum dancing Competitor Clara Ampho told the outlet about her visit to Kensington Palace in 2018.

Ampho’s description of Ap Part 1 is “very well kept.” She explained that even though William and Kate had three young children, it was not filled with toys.

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“Kensington Palace is a palace, not even a house,” the MFA explained. “It takes your breath away when you go inside. William and Kate, Meghan and Harry all had beautiful pictures of the children. It was just a beautiful family home.”

Ampho described William and Kate as a “really loving Come Medi act” that bored each other, “very well.” She says William is the funniest royal she’s ever met and is a “very funny guy”.

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