he can pay such a huge fine

he can pay such a huge fine

This is a new scandal that badly tarnishes the British royal family. On August 9, Virgina Giuffre, an American alleged victim of Jeffrey Epstein, filed a complaint against Prince Andrew for sexual assault. In court in New York, she claimed that Queen Elizabeth II’s son sexually abused and rapedWhen she was only 17 years old. A US lawyer dealing with this type of case said: daily Mirror, This Friday 13 August, on the continuation of events. He says the case will face “many legal hurdles”. In addition, Prince Andrew could face a hefty fine for losing his fight.

Spencer Kuvin is the attorney who represents many of Jeffrey Epstein’s victims. At the core of the case, he does not hide its complexity, but suggests that it will have a profound effect on those convicted. “To penalize someone for a billion dollars, you have to target the wallet and punish them accordingly,” he says. “The damages against Prince Andrew could easily exceed £14 million,” the lawyer says.

court attack, Prince Andrew decided to keep a low profile and join the Queen at the Balmoral Estate in Scotland, where she takes a vacation. At the moment, neither Buckingham Palace nor the Duke of York have reacted to this new judicial development. Virginia Giuffre’s attorney, (…)

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