He finally decided to get vaccinated!

De Ligt a finalement décidé de se faire vacciner. Captura/NOS

Dutch defender Mathews de Ligta, Who said on Saturday that he was not vaccinated for the euro because it is not mandatory, was cured a few hours later and said he would be protected from COVID-19.

The player had already contracted the disease last January and told ESPN on Saturday morning that he refused the injection because “It was not mandatory” And “Everyone should be responsible for their body”.

After much criticism, this footballer improved the talk. “I was not clear in my answer. To clear up any doubt: I am completely in favor of the vaccine and will get it as soon as possible“He said through his official Twitter account.

Is de ligt One of the six Dutch players who refused vaccination, Although the Dutch Ministry of Sports has offered vaccination to all members of the national team.

Another national team player, striker Vout Weghorst, Expressed on the refusal of the vaccine on its social network.

Wolfsburg players were angered when asked about it on public broadcaster NOS. “I don’t want to say more about coronavirus. I have not been vaccinated and everyone has to make their choice“, Did he announce.

The Dutch national team is in Portugal to prepare for the European Championship and will play against Scotland on 2 June at the Algarve Stadium in the friendly Far City.

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