He wears a skirt to school to protest the dress code

He wears a skirt to school to protest the dress code

A Scottish teen wears her sister’s skirt to school in protest against a teacher’s ban on shorts despite the hot weather.

Shane Richardson and several other students were sent home from their school for wearing shorts despite the heat. According to school officials, only pants and skirts are allowed in the establishment.

“Shane Richardson, 16, wears skirts to school in protest of some students being sent home to wear shorts in the summer.”

rules are rules

A group of boys were kicked out of school for wearing shorts on one of the hottest days of the year. The staff told him that according to the Moffatt Academy dress code, only pants and skirts are allowed.

“Shane Richardson has been advised that the dress code is either pants or skirt.”

Knowing it’s too hot and shorts are banned, so Shane Richardson comes to class the next day wearing your sister’s skirt To oppose this policy.

16-year-old Shane spoke by explaining that due to Covid-19 there is no air conditioning in the classrooms right now, so it is really hot.

“Like everyone else, I was sent home wearing shorts, so I decided to wear my sister Lexi’s skirt,”

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A “Ridiculous” Rule

Shane’s mother, 34-year-old Hayley, called the school rule “ridiculous.” She also specifies that apart from her son and other boys in the school, the girls were also expelled for the same reason.

“Shane Richardson was kicked out of school on the hottest day of the year in Scotland because skirts were banned.”

A spokesman for the school board said the current uniform policy at Moffat Academy has been in place for several years. Yet according to the spokesperson, following feedback from young people, parents and caregivers at the school, it may be time review policy and make changes.

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