High authority of Health Authority, Scotland has been re-organized, Outrage in Poland… Replay of 4 January

High authority of Health Authority, Scotland has been re-organized, Outrage in Poland… Replay of 4 January

: Vaccination: The High Authority for Health wants to “speed up” but keep the same strategy

“The strategy remains: priority over the most vulnerable people, and health professionals, by expanding when we can, if we have the required number”But said France inter Committee Leisabeth Buvette, chairman of the Technical Committee on the Immunization of Haute Autorita de Santé, which formulated the French vaccination strategy. “The strategy is the same for us. Implementation of strategy will probably accelerate, she added.

→ analysis. Kovid-19: Changes in strategy for vaccination

“I believe we should be extremely positive and remember the optimistic elements of this vaccination and stop the fights, in the same way today we should stop saying that this is a disaster, He insisted. We should not exaggerate: we started vaccination a week ago, we still cannot talk of a disaster ”.

दैनिक Daily evaluation of vaccination campaign from Tuesday

Health officials will daily evaluate the vaccination campaign against Kovid-19 from Tuesday, January 5, said Director General of Health Insurance, Thomas Fatum, during a press point.

“The first assessment will be done from tomorrow, then on a daily basis as part of the Ministry of Communications of France and Public Health”, Announced Thomas Fatem on the occasion of the presentation of the new information system “Kovid’s Commentary”. Intended for physicians, the purpose of this teleseva is to collect the information needed for the vaccination campaign: patient and physician identification, patient consent, batch number of vaccine injections, etc.

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Recon to be re-added to Scotland by end of January

Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has announced that the British nation will once again enter lockdown “Like March” 2020, to control the increase in pollution attributable to variants of new coronoviruses.

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“From midnight and for the whole of January, you will be legally bound to stay home”Announces leader in press conference ” hard blow “ From “Virus version that spreads quickly”.

► UK begins administration of AstraZeneca and Oxford Vaccine

The United Kingdom became the first country to vaccinate its population against Kovid-19 from the British laboratory AstraZeneca and the University of Oxford on Monday, 4 January, as vaccination campaigns intensified and measures continue to ban worldwide to combat the epidemic.

The AstraZeneca-Oxford vaccine is less expensive, easier to store and, therefore, more suitable for mass vaccination campaigns than its competitors. Modern and Pfizer-Bioentech, already approved and distributed in many countries, most notably in the United States. While the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine has already been injected to more than a million residents of the United Kingdom since early December, British authorities have ordered 100 million doses of AstraZeneca-Oxford.

Launch of this vaccine “This is a turning point in our fight against this terrible virus”Welcome to Health Minister Matt Hancock.

Ro In Poland, celebrity vaccination causes ruckus

A Warsaw hospital has been under fire for delivering coronovirus vaccines to celebrities and politicians, sparking widespread outrage and prompting the government to launch an investigation on Monday.

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In Poland, like many European countries, the vaccination campaign began on 27 December. But first, according to the government’s plan, only health workers should be vaccinated. However, Warsaw University’s medical center announced last week that it had vaccinated 18 cultural figures.

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Prime Minister Matuz Moraviki told the PAP on Saturday 2 January that there was “No justification for breaking the rules”, Announcing a “Real scandal”. Government spokesman Piotr Müller said that the government had opened an investigation expressing hope “A punishment for the guilty from today”.

Last Netherlands on Wednesday launched the last vaccination in the European Union

The Netherlands has decided to bring forward two days of the start of its vaccination campaign against Kovid-19, which will begin on Wednesday, the country’s government announced, to launch the final in the European Union.

Hospital workers in contact with Kovid-19 patients will be the first to benefit from the vaccine, along with workers from retirement homes in the south of the country, health officials have announced. If some countries’ slowness to vaccinate is severely criticized, particularly in France, the delay in the Netherlands is even more significant: These first vaccinations are planned approximately two weeks after the start of vaccination in the European Union, And almost a month after the UK campaign started.


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