Horrible War: A remake of “Nothing New in the West” is being made

Horrible War: A remake of

According to information from “Variety”, Netflix has secured the rights to the remake. “Deadline” was reported last FebruaryA budget of twenty million dollars is under discussion. The screenplay is of former Washington journalist Ian Stoeckel and producer Leslie Patterson, who once made a career as a Scottish triathlete. Not only does he have to take on the original from 1930, but also a TV production from 1979 that won the “Golden Globe” at the time.

Hollywood has been wrestling with this theme for ten years

Edward Berger has been named as the director of the remake, which created a sensation with the TV series “Deutschland 83” and experienced “Tatort” and “Police Call”. Recently he shot the episode film “All My Loving” with Lars Eidinger in the lead role. Regarding his new major project, Berger said in the spring that “Nothing New in the West” would be a very modern film, which was never shot from the perspective of my country: “Now we have an anti-war film Is a chance to create something that our audience will really like. Will touch. “Burger is given great importance for shooting in German:” It’s a blind spot in our film history. It is very important for us to tell an authentic version of this story. It is associated with the tradition of ‘Das Boot’ and ‘Der Untregung’. On. “

Hollywood has been wrestling with the project for nearly ten years, and Daniel Radcliffe was also discussed as the lead actor. Now Daniel Bruhl should be seen as the patriot “Paul Beaumer”. One of the producers is Malthe Grüner, who worked for “Studio Hamburg” and set up her own business with “Amusement Park Films”. The partner is a “rocket science” studio in London.

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