Horst Lichter seeks happiness: “Everything hangs with a thread”: Horst Lichter on his quest in search of happiness for ZDF

Horst Lichter seeks happiness:

If this is possible again next year with no problems: Which destinations are still on your list for a road trip with ZDF and why?

Well i would love Südtirol Because I believe it is a dreamy scene and there are definitely very interesting people who have mastered their lives. Scotland, Ireland It will also be a dream, just because of the landscape.

But I think you can find great, extraordinary people all over the world, no matter where.

Your show will air at the end of the year. How did you personally experience 2020?

I believe that Not much different Almost everyone I know. This year was marked as beautiful moments, exceptionally beautiful moments, surprising and certainly also realizing Everything from a thread Stops. A bad thing just has to happen and nothing is what it was before. Corona has turned everything upside down, But the sympathy here and there has increased slightly among the people. This desire to help was good again.

It is sure to be an incredible feeling of freedom to be on a motorcycle. Will you also go on an e-motorcycle for the sake of the environment?

I completely agree with this question Especially funnyBecause i’m really traveling with one Electric motors Was. Let yourself be surprised!

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