House of the Dragon recruited new actor for mysterious role

House of the Dragon recruited new actor for mysterious role

Dragon house Whose series fans are eagerly waiting. And this is completely normal since the latter would be the first Game of Thrones spin-off. A spin-off directly inspired by one of George RR Martin’s books.

In production, the series has begun recruiting for its casting and has hired a new actor for a mysterious role.

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The actor in question, you know him. This is actually Graham McTwish.

House of the Dragon recruits a new actor

Originally hailing from Scotland, he began his career by acting in the film Pour La Gloyer in the late 1980s. Since then, he has chained roles and we have seen him in Ali ji, The Hobbit, Creed or Aquaman. This is actually the one who played Atalan, the first king of Atlantis in James Wan’s film.

However, he did not devote his entire career to the big screen. Graham has also appeared in several series. In his most famous roles, we can cite Russian Ambassador Mikhail Novakovich in 24 Heres Chrono or Buck McKenzie in Outlander. Without forgetting Father Kinley in Lucifer. Lucifer, who is also reaching his harsh conclusion.

Nevertheless, we are now learning through an interview given to the British magazine by the actor Stylist That latter would also appear in the cast of House of the Dragon, the very first Game of Thrones spin-off.

No information about his role

Very different from the original series, it would be about three hundred years before the events described in the famous spin-off Game of Thrones and it would focus on the history of the House of Targains. In fact, the House of the Dragon will have the opportunity to learn a little more about Daenerys’ ancestors and her house. A house that ruled Westeros for a long time then fell into the hands of the Mad King, the result of which we know.

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On the other hand, Graham McTavish refused to divulge more details about his role. Which is strange given the fact that other actors are not bound to secrecy.

The cast is also quite complete and includes several headliners such as Matt Smith, Olivia Cook or Paddy Considine. The production is yet to confirm the Scottish actor’s presence.


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