How cooking flourishes on the latest popular social network

How cooking flourishes on the latest popular social network

Cooking and social networks go hand-in-hand. After Facebook and Instagram, she now lands on TikTok. In 6-8, Carlo de Pascale gives us an overview of what can be found there.

Born in China in 2016, TIC Toc One of the few popular social networks in both the East and West of the world.

Initially designed to allow its young users to gather and share their own Music clip in 60 seconds, TikTok, tends to diversify and in turn, gives rise to personalities in many areas, especially for cooking, note Carlo de Pascale.

Celebrities are born on social networks, but there are also celebrities who use these devices to maintain their current success, we have the case in the kitchen.“, He explains.

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To illustrate his point, Carlo looks back at the trip Diego Alary, 23, former cooking show candidate Chief cook. Young cook is over now1.6 million subscribers On social networks. He is also the most followed French cook there.

A reinforced concrete CV

Sure, he has been through Top Chef, but he has a reinforced concrete CV. After knocking on the door of the chef Jean imbert, He receives an internship. He later continues this momentum by working for the very best chefs. He has a Already experience huge food“, he adds.

Diego Alari is not afraid of fat. He also knows very well how to combine taste

Influenced by the world’s great cooks and cuisines, especiallySouth america, Diego likes spice, acidity and liveliness. Carlo is seduced by: “It barely started last summer. His mantra is content, he is not a brand influencer. His recipes attracted attention“So here’s one Young chefs are very stimulating for everyone’s creativity !

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Great cooks’ presence on social networks

The real star on Tikotok, the famous British cook Gordon ramsey Count no less than 23,2 million DE followers On his account.

Chef with a strong character, Gordon ramsey Broadens its notoriety on major social networks for young people. But beyond the loud, even occasionally insulting, very modest cooks of Scottish origin conquered very quickly 3 Michelin stars in early 2000.

Despite his behavior, Gordon Ramsey is talented and in great demand. Obviously, his strong personality runs well on the small screen.“, Analysis Carlo.

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In a completely different register, 54 year old chef is used to “Ignorant balance of culinary innovation“, Sometimes giving way to real video, but not always charitable.

Shared trends

In the spirit of sharing, many Culinary trends TikTokers are taken by … more or less talented.

At the moment, especially Honeycomb pasta gratin. It is a grin where you keep the stiffness straight. It doesn’t sound very good here, but the idea has gone viral“, Emphasizes Carlo, promising to try the experience in his own sauce, with a mixture of ricotta and spinach.

Otherwise I still keep my good old macaroni ham and cheese under my elbow“, He concluded.

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