How much time is there to dance Strictly Cum tonight and will anyone be away there?

How much time is there to dance Strictly Cum tonight and will anyone be away there?

Strictly speaking, the first Sunday show of this dance is tonight (Picture: PA)

Strictly speaking such a dance 2020 is finally underway, which has shone on our screens on the much needed Saturday night following the coronavirus epidemic.

Although the series started later than usual due to the epidemic, and has undergone some changes – from smaller studio audiences than usual, Bruno Tonioli has disappeared from the judging panel due to travel restrictions – it is proving to be as popular as ever with the show. Boris Johnson was cut in his prime to entertain the audience on Saturday night.

This week sees the first Sunday show of the series – but what time should you tune in, and someone be removed?

Here’s what you need to know …

How much time do you have to dance Strictly Cum tonight?

Strictly Come Dancing is on BBC One on Sunday at 7.15pm.

The show will run for 45 minutes before the next installment of Top Gear at 8 p.m.

If you miss tonight’s installment, you’ll find it via BBC iPlayer – where you can also watch the first two shows of the new series.

Will it be abolished from tonight?

Just a BBC handout photo of Gorka Marquez and Macy Smith during a live show for Saturday's program in the BBC1 dance competition for use in UB, Ireland or Benelux countries, Straight cum Dancing.  P.A.  Photo.  Issue Date: Saturday 31st October, 2020. Watch PA Story Showbiz Strictly.  Photo credit should read: Cow Levy / BBC / PA Wire Editors Note: Not for use for more than 21 days after issue.  You may use this picture only for the purpose of reporting current BBC programming, staff or other BBC output or issue of activity within 21 days without charge.  Any use after that time must be cleared by BBC Picture Publicity.  Please attribute the image to the BBC and any named photographer or independent program maker, as described in the article.

Messi and Gorka’s tango with judges was on top (Photo: P.A.)

Sadly, tonight’s first couple of this year will see the dancefloor say goodbye.

As always, the results of the public vote will be linked to the judges’ scores from the first two weeks, which the two couples put in to survive the dance.

Both couples will reshape their routine, with dancers voting for the pair they want to keep in the competition based on their dance performance.

The Elimination will be accompanied by a performance by Sam Smith on Sunday night’s show, as well as pro dancers who regularly descend to the floor of the group.

Saw Saturday night’s show Macy Smith and her dance partner Gorka Marquez, heading to the leaderboard, scored 25 impressions out of 30 for their tango.

However Jackie Smith and Anton du Beck finished at the bottom of the leaderboard, while their samba made them just 12 points from the judges.

Plus: Strictly Bill Bailey’s real name isn’t really Bill Bailey’s – and now we don’t know what to believe.

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