How to wear a tartan skirt without looking like a Scottish…

How to wear a tartan skirt without looking like a Scottish...

The real question is, how to wear a tartan skirt while staying chic?

Fishnets, combat boots, smoky eyes, tartan patterns… 2021 marks the return of pop punk fashion, Recent Disney adaptations, kurla, of course it must have something to do with it. A comeback that, moreover, pleases the label of punk queen Vivienne Westwood, which has seen its sales for a few months as a “TikTok necklace”. But this return of punk, or more simply, could also play in favor of the tartan motif. Burberry Which makes it his favorite motif.

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9 Ways to Wear a Tartan Skirt According to Pinterest

Dua Lipa, Cara Delevingne, Olivia RodrigoWillow Smith, Irina Shayk, all of them pulled tartan skirts, Some dare to look full blown, others dare to look 100% punk or even go for a flashy look. But to be honest, these three looks can be quite racy for us. So to get inspired, we love asking Pinterest for help and identifying the best street styles from fashionistas. After that, we will learn how to wear a tartan skirt splendidly. There’s no question of looking like a rebellious teenager or a Scottish in a lehenga.

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