Humorous comments from Pawan Kalyan on his birthday

Humorous comments from Pawan Kalyan on his birthday

It’s the second of September and it’s Pawan Kalyan’s birthday. Millions of fans around the world are celebrating this memorable day by cutting cakes and doing social service and charitable activities apart from all seasons.

But, not surprisingly, the wind itself does not celebrate its own birthday. In the latest video interview, Sadasant Tara revealed that she is never comfortable with the idea of ​​people celebrating their birthdays, cutting cakes and filling their mouths with cakes.

“The middle class and lower middle class mentality from my childhood in Nellore is still deep inside me. Even in my childhood days, I rarely celebrated my birthday and only distributed chocolates to school twice. Sometimes I would go to my brother’s place or he would come on my birthday. And most of the time, me and everyone in my family would forget my birthday, and only remember after 2, 3 days, ”Pawan said.

Adding further, Pawan said that whenever his Vadinamma (sister-in-law Surekha) remembers his birthday and gives him pocket money, he buys books. Even after I got into movies, my friends and producers forced me to cut a cake and celebrate my birthday on two occasions. But I was not comfortable and it stopped later, ”said Pawan.

Pawan then spoke of ‘Seva Varsotsalu’ of Jansainiks and Veera women of Jansena and donating oxygen cylinders to fight Kovid-1 fight for their birthday this year. He said that he is very grateful to his ardent fans and thank God for supporting him such loyal fans.

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