“I Can’t Find The Complexity I Share With Tilda Swinton”

In his new film “Memoria” on the bill, Thai filmmakers staged, for the first time, a professional actress: Scottish star Tilda Swinton, at the Palme d’Or 2010 for “Uncle Boonami…”. He describes this unexpected osmosis.

To write a new page in his filmography, Epichatpong Veerasethkul chose to shoot outside of Thailand – a phenomenal experience – and he responded to a collaboration proposal drawn up by Tilda Swinton in the 2000s. After exchanging ideas remotely for years, the two found themselves on the sets of In Colombia Commemoration, The story of a woman separated from herself in search of her identity, and guided by a disturbing noise that only she hears. Today’s opportunity is for the filmmaker to question his relationship with the actors and their unique place in their art.

before Commemoration, You have always filmed non-professional actors. Why ?
Ever since I made films, choosing an actress or an actor was like choosing a friend. In Thailand, my team and I are so close and so few that we tend to favor people with whom we have a comfortable relationship. from my first movie mysterious object in the afternoon, In 2000, I experienced an absolute joy in filming people whose job it was not to act. Better than that, I understood all the richness that their true stories can bring me. For twenty years, I sought out women and men who had gone through unusual things that I could report on screen. This is why I am not sure that one can qualify my films as fiction. In any case, it is a mixture of reality and invention. I spend a lot of time with my actresses and actors and pay attention to their life story apart from their way of being and their gestures.

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