I point to Camp Stinkers at a celebrity’s Victoria Derbyshire recap show

I point to Camp Stinkers at a celebrity's Victoria Derbyshire recap show

I’m a celebrity Get me out of here! Star Victoria Derbyshire has camped out two stinkers in tonight’s scenes.

On Saturday’s recap show, BBC reporters Jordan North and AJ Pritchard looked at the fountain earlier in the week.

“Shall we take a shower?” Asked Jordan.

AJ replied: “I thought you would never ask.”

As they walked toward the shower, Jordan saw Victoria who said: “Sorry, we’re just sniffing each other’s armpits.”

An obscure Victoria later said, “Oh my God, I can smell it. I can smell the BO.”

Jordan then told AJ: “I thought it was just me!”

No doubt fans will wonder if this could be paired with Friday night’s show, as Vernon KA asked Victoria: “Be honest with me, do I smell?”

Victoria reassured him: “No, not you.”

One surprised Vernon replied: “Someone smells!”

Victoria later admitted: “Yeah, I know who he is and I’m just debating whether to say ‘come to the fountain’!”

The comment sparked intense speculation on social media as viewers tried to learn the truth about the mystery stink.

Jordan North and AJ Pritchard were told on the recap show that they were smelling Victoria Derbyshire

Vernon was paranoid that he was smelling bad

As the recap episode began, a Twitter user wrote: “Finally find out who thinks Victoria smells.” #ImACeleb#Imaillability “.

Someone else wrote: “Wondering if we’ll find out who Victoria said smells like in these special clips #ImACeleb#Imaillability “.

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Following the scene at the beginning of the week when Victoria took note of the boys’ BO, it seemed that some people thought the conspiracy had deepened due to the stench of mystery.

One person wrote on Twitter: “Going from these best bits I think the guy Victoria was saying it smells like Jordan. He and AJ were laughing about being fragrant and Victoria walked away from Jordan saying it could be fragrant. “.

Vernon K and Jordan North were seen in the rain early in the week

However, a different social media user replied: “Those two events were completely different days”.

The original poster replied: “I know if it was sniffing, now it probably smells worse.”

Given Jordan’s entry earlier in the week, viewers aren’t likely to be surprised that he hasn’t changed his pants in the three days he’s been in the castle.

“Usually at home I wear them once, here we just go to Farrell,” he told former EastEnders star Jessica Plummer.

Victoria said she was weighing in on Friday to tell the abusive campmate – but do we know who she is now?

Jessica replied: “Jordan I love you but … you don’t have to wear a pair for three days.”

However, he was not alone as Vernon and AJ Pritchard admitted they were guilty of it.

So, is Victoria likely? Jordan or A.J. on Friday.

I’m a celebrity Get me out of here! Continues on ITV on Sunday nights at 9 p.m.

You think I’m a celebrity get me out of here! Let us know in the comments below.

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