‘I thought I was in the wrong movie’

'I thought I was in the wrong movie'

Austria can breathe easy! FB-Elf celebrates 4-2 home win against Israel. Here are all the voices for the World Cup qualifying game:

Marko Arnautovic (Austrian goalkeeper): “I think it really hurts us that we could not qualify for the World Cup directly. We also had an unfinished business, we really wanted to win. I know that World Cup qualification is such a good time for us No, but we wanted to finish the last two games well. Our aim was to have fun with football and make the fans happy. We did very well today, we hardly allowed anything, and of course We’ve had bad luck twice, but we knew anything would go into this game and we’d win the game.”

David Alaba (Captain Austria): “Win feels good because it’s clearly deserved. For a number of factors, the win was very important, especially coming back after 1-0, then coming back after a 2-1 deficit is something that’s great for us. Is.”

Franco Crap (FB-Teamchef): “When I was behind I thought I was in the wrong film. We started very well and should have moved on. We said at halftime that we have to keep playing and we will get our opportunities and just have to be more determined. Karo, the determination and commitment was right with the soldiers and it was fun to watch them. In the first half we overcombined sometimes, in the second we did it a lot better. We wanted to get back on track and build a positive in the last two games The effect was significant that the team showed, even if the quotation marks weren’t that high, that our goal was still to win the game outright and maybe even finish third, I think.” The team showed up on the pitch. Now we have to improve against Moldova, it was a very difficult time for Scotland today.”

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Philip Leonhardt (ÖFB Defender): “This win is incredibly important, it feels good. We worked hard for it and didn’t give up after a 1-0 draw, we always believed in ourselves and created a lot of chances, so we are happy.”

Nicholas Seewald (ÖFB midfielder): “The game got better and better at the end. I couldn’t do much with the free kick. I think the win is really important for the mood and we will win against Moldova as well.”

Willie Rattensteiner (Israel Team Principal): “We did well in the first half. We lost a few deliveries, but also in adverse conditions. But we didn’t finish them well. I have to analyze what happened in the second half. We have to correct our mistakes. Disappointment first. I can’t explain to myself why we completely gave up the game in the second half. We made so many simple mistakes without any pressure. We invited Austria to win.”

Gerhard Miletich (ÖFB President): “It was a wonderful, successful evening. The second half made up the first half, which was reassuring for me. Seeing the whole Austria approach the matter with inspiration, I can only congratulate the team . It’s about Austrian football. , not the team boss, it was a successful evening, which makes me happy. Of course (note: the number of spectators) should be viewed negatively, but I hope that next Monday We will have more spectators. The spectators who have experienced disappointment lately will come back to the stadium more. We look to spring with positive energy. We built a good base with the first game, I hope That it will also happen on Monday.

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Louis Schaub (ÖFB double goalscorer): “It’s a quality when you get into a game and can make a difference. When you can change a game, it’s a great feeling. Coaches often tell me I should train the way I want.” Should play and if I can, I’m happy to reward myself for it in the game, as I did today. Unfortunately we fell behind, but then as a team we showed a clear response.”


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