If Thor rapped, this is what he would do! [DOSSIER]

If Thor rapped, this is what he would do! [DOSSIER]

at first sight Thor is not the best superhero to turn into a rapper : He didn’t grow up in an environment focused on black music and the rare times we see musicians in the background of a few parties in his universe, it looks more like a classic than anything. except on the other hand, He has the feel, character and attitude of a contemporary rapper, So, imagine what would happen if, between two epic adventures, the character swapped his hammer for a microphone.

He’ll definitely have a flamboyant style

There are more and more different styles of rap today. it will happen without you saying Thor will come closest to the extreme of anything, Minimalistic instruments and a softer flow, very little for that. It has to go everywhere, the listener has to get their money’s worth, the rest of the rap game is praising and everyone is impressed. so instead we imagine Atlanta’s Ultra-Borean Trap, Chicago Drill or More Produced Beats Briefly, with various orchestras exaggeration a la Kanye West,

their concerts will be incredible

Eminem who fills stadiums, Jay-Z at Madison Square Garden, Up in Smoke Tour, that’s all well and good but every time the pyrotechnic effect is repeated: flames, fireworks, lights, and all that. Thor is the only one who can Have outdoor concerts as you wish, controlling the weather so you never get any nasty surprises, Better, He will use lightning, lightning and thunder To get the effect he wants. One Punchline, One Flash, A chorus, the sky clears like never before, etc… as Booba said “I’m attracted to lightning, I don’t do a lot of concerts in the open air”, except that it’s the opposite for Thor because he’s in control. Another big advantage: Throwing himself into the crowd will not satisfy him, he will fly right over him. and yes.

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An egotrip rapper who surprises everyone

Thor is both arrogant and extremely confidentEven arrogant. Also in distant times he was worshiped as a deity by some cultures of our world (Norse mythology). so clearly, he won’t be the dumbest rapper of the moment but the exact opposite. Furthermore, he is above all a warrior, and he enjoys fighting more than any other activity. as a result We can imagine him taking back the beat of the hit ‘Em Up Up to insult Both Thanos, Dark Elves, Hela, Loki, and pretty much anyone else if he sees it as a potential enemy. And she’s beautiful.

He will revolutionize fashion

Asgardian Projects an ultra viral image, it’s clear. But it should be taken into account the fact that he comes from another completely different culture. As he tours Earth, Thor wears a casual look, jeans and a lambda jacket. On the other hand, as soon as he is in his element, in addition to his combat armor, he has rather a special combo Consisting of a cape and sometimes even a men’s skirt is more or less inspired by the Scottish kilt. Just like Kanye West and more recently Young Thug. if we add to this her particularly long hair (and he emphasizes this, in Ragnarok it is clearly against his will that they beheaded him), we get a rapper a little freak But finally in line with the new wave of recent years. And then hey, if people thought of making fun of her looks, They’ll strike you in the face with a magic hammer, it calms down. And this brings us to the next point.

Whoever commented negatively on his clip used to beat him up

imagine many rappers, be it one youtube, twitter or facebook user, being able to reply face-to-face to kevinlafrep517, another he is the author of a derogatory comment that is not usually about music. Thor is an epitome of sensibilityChances are, the situation will get worse soon. Except that unlike the rest of the rap game, he has a way to try and find exactly every Internet user: all he has to do is ask his good friend Heimdall (Idris Elba), who has the power to “see” everyone in the universe. Is. So, very soon, Thor will be The only rapper in the world who has nothing but positive comments And it’s a feat that many would envy him.

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he will cover the tabloids

Many English-speaking rap media have no problem mixing articles that are all about music and those that are more of the celebrity press. Thor is now a celebrity in the world of rap, Her love life will be dissected, analyzed And will generate lots and lots of more or less unnecessary comments. His particular status as an Asgardian in a relationship with a Terran (Jane Foster/Natalie Portman) who, according to the latest news, leaves him every other film, will be a definite press headache. And knowing the character of Thor, He is Mjolnir. will destroy their newsroom with (nickname of his hammer) Like other rappers who have become physically entangled with the paparazzi.

Her love/hate relationship with her brother will make her touchy

Thor. Wrap would also be a great outlet forWho can put a complete hold on his frustrations and worries. If he goes into introspection mode he can open his heart and share with the public his concerns, his frustrations and among them always comes out prominently. her very vague relationship with her brother, it can give us long lessons where he exposes himself, like rohf in testament, “Don’t take your older brother as a rival, but know, for example, that if we look at you a little, it’s because you look like me…”, that all. That’s life.

He’ll block Bifrost just to shoot a clip

In his first solo film, THor didn’t hesitate for a second to use his hammer to destroy Bifrost., this kind of magical bridge that allows you to move from one world to another in simple words. So it makes sense that as a rapper she has a lot of fun using it for purely cosmetic purposes while shooting music videos, despite the fact that doing so is dangerous and especially stupid . Maize If Sophian did it on the highway, Thor would do it on his level too,

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He will be on Avengers Crew’s joint album but under certain conditions

Thor isn’t exactly someone who likes to share the poster with others.Unless it’s obvious from the start that he’s the boss. So we imagine that negotiations with Tony Stark (also one hell of a great sin), Captain America, Black Widow, and everyone else to keep him on the album would be painstaking. it’s usually what kind of pain in the ass that would need to be present on every title, who would choose to pick up all the instruments alone, regardless of the tastes of his colleagues, etc… From a certain stage he would certainly explain that he left the group “due to artistic differences”, before realizing that they were without him. continue the projects and all of a sudden he will give up his pride, because freestyles are better togetherCome on, let’s be honest.


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