‘I’m a Celeb’ is proud of the name of Beverly’s mom-daughter son

‘I’m a Celeb’ is proud of the name of Beverly’s mom-daughter son

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Missing British hiker rejects partner theory she made herself disappear

The partnership of British hiker and blogger Esther Dingley, who disappeared in the Pyrenees last month, has rejected a theory that she could disappear in order to continue her nomadic lifestyle. Mrs Dingle, 37, embarked on a month-long trip to Perinis, as her partner, Dan Collegate, decided to take a break after wandering in Europe in a camper forest six years later. She went hiking alone in late October and was last seen on November 22 at the top of Peak de Sovegarde. After weeks of searches in the mountains were halted by both Spanish and French officials due to heavy snow, police said they are now focusing on a theory that she may have been deliberately missing. “We can confirm that there is no sign of a breakdown in Dan and Esther’s relationship. There is no sign of a desire to find a new life, “Matthew Searle, a family spokesman, told the Sunday Mirror in response to assumptions. Mr Colgate, 38, has been visited three times by police officers who have gathered background information about him. “Esther Dingley wanted to keep up with her current lifestyle, sports activities including hiking and hiking in Camperwan,” said Daniel Colgate, who is a little bored with this nomadic life. Wanted to configure? “Nothing enables us to overcome this working principle,” he added. “French police also claimed that there was” tension “in the relationship and that their lives were not as” happy “as the pictures on social media. No new leads have been found in the case since two witnesses were interviewed last week. The search is not expected to resume until the sprint when the ice melts.

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