I’m a celeb: Vernon Kenny’s wife Tess Daly Lee vows to fill him with fat after losing two stones

I'm a celeb: Vernon Kenny's wife Tess Daly Lee vows to fill him with fat after losing two stones

I was a celebrity star who lost two stones during his tenure at Vernon KA Castle and his wife Tess DD Lee vowed to bury him as soon as she got home.

The telly presenter spent three weeks in small rations of rice and beans with occasional treatment if Tara performed well in the trial.

Verno finished in those first three and is expected to go home from Wales today.

His wife, Strictly Come Dancing Host Tess, 51, can’t wait to see him and has set up a big store at Waitrose in preparation for the return.

In a post on Instagram, she said her husband is now 30 pounds (two stones) lighter so decided to help her get back to normal.

She has stocked the fridge with all her favorite foods, brought home bacon, pasta and fruit as well as Vernon’s favorite Yorkshire tea bag.

Tern Daly opened a large store at Waitrose to store all of Vernon Kane’s favorite foods.

In an online post, she wrote: “Verne told me he lost 30lbs!

“So I’m shopping for some of her fave food to be ready for her to return.

“Mostly meat, chocolate and of course his favorite Yorkshire tea bag.”

She told her husband to come home because ‘the fridge is stocked’

She shared a video in which it was shown that her waitress bag is a high-nosed neck for breakfast for her husband.

Tess also told Vernon to hurry home because “the fridge is stocked”.

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After making Verne the top three in the IA Celebrity last night, Tess revealed that she is proudly ahead of him.

He wrote: “Love you vern.

Vernon I Am has lost two stones during his tenure as a celebrity

“What a rollcoaster … he went in wanting to make us proud, and he made us out of pride !!

“He’s a winner in our eyes and we’re ready to take him home! …”

Verno took a special blanket from the family living room as it was his luxury item and Tess admitted that he was “going straight to the bathroom” as soon as he returned.


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