In Plouhyneck, the Union of Brittany Scotland is looking at the future – Plouhyneck (29)

In Plouhyneck, the Union of Brittany Scotland is looking at the future - Plouhyneck (29)

The general meeting of the Brittany Scotland Association took place on Saturday at the Thousand Clubs in Plouhineck in the presence of elected officials and ten of its members. An opportunity to take back two years of activities and consider the future.

Lectures and a Scottish dinner “Burns Supper” (a commemoration of the life and work of the great Scottish poet Robert Burns), punctuated 2019 and 2021, President Pierre Delignier recalled. “The pandemic and the cancellation of our activities have not prompted members to renew their support or encourage new members to join us,” he says. The financial statement for 2019 was €724.90 and that of 2020 was €640.17.

Thanks to its contacts with the University of Glasgow and its interactive map on the Internet, Plouhyneck will now be present on the Burns Suppers world map. “Each year 9.5 million people worldwide attend Burns Supper.”

Discussion in English and video

The association has established a newsletter since last March to compensate for the lack of meetings between members and supporters. Group discussions in English by video are organized for practicing the language, but also for Scots who want to improve their French.

The association is often requested by students who wish to study the subject of Brexit in Scotland or for Britons living in Brittany. For 2021-2022, the announcement has been made: a new cycle of conferences on Scotland and a second Burns Supper.


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