In Scotland, the victory of the separatists reflects a long standoff with London over the question of a new referendum.

In Scotland, the victory of the separatists reflects a long standoff with London over the question of a new referendum.

He is a more confident prime minister than ever, who hasn’t even waited for the end of the tabulation of Scottish legislative results to deliver his victory speech. Saturday, May 8, Nicola Sturgeon, 50, including thirty-five pro-independence activism, welcomed the results “historic” And “Extraordinary” of the Scottish National Party (SNP), which ended up winning 64 out of a total of 129 seats in Edinburgh’s parliament, Holyrood.

The SNP was expected to win an absolute majority of seats (65), which would have given it an almost unique mandate to demand a second referendum on Scottish independence after its failure in 2014 (Scots voted to remain within the UK at 55%). did) ) However, his party has come very close to this “magic number”, Mr.Me Sturgeon preferred to cut the grass under the feet of the British Conservative government as quickly as possible, while Boris Johnson had announced the day before. “irresponsible” A new Scottish popular consultation. Theoretically, the Scottish Parliament cannot itself decide on a referendum on constitutional matters without the approval of the British Parliament.

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“There is no doubt that we will have a pro-independence majority and that will be higher than in the previous legislature. [2016-2021] , m saidMe Sturgeon, like all independence camps and most Scottish commentators, also noted the progress of the Scottish Greens, pro-independence, who won eight seats in Holyrood. “Boris Johnson’s situation is hilarious, of course we have [avec le SNP] A clear mandate to demand a new referendum”, Scottish Greens co-leader Lorna Slater said on Saturday.

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“The Question of Democratic Theory”

“I will return to work immediately, to dedicate myself to getting out of the pandemic, then to economic and social recovery, but, when the crisis is over, Scots will have the right to speak up. [sur leur avenir], Emphasized on Nicola Sturgeon. Boris Johnson has no argument to block the will of the Scots. Referendum is basically a question of democratic principle. , A few hours earlier, his deputy and close aide John Swain had already accused Boris Johnson of behaving « Overlord » Vis-a-vis Scotland. A referendum could be held in early 2022 “If the predictions [positives des épidémiologistes] are right”, specified mMe Sturgeon Sunday.

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