In the photo, Princess Anne reveals her decor “not very Mary Kondo”

In the photo, Princess Anne reveals her decor

The royal family’s Instagram account unveiled a snapshot of Elizabeth II’s daughter on Saturday 6 February. She is watching a rugby match at the Gloucestershire residence with her husband Sir Timothy Laurence.

Porcelain vases, flower chairs, piles of books, Persian rugs … The royal family’s Instagram account reveals a happy glimpse of the living room. Old school Princess Anne, on Saturday 6 February. The 70-year-old daughter of Queen Elizabeth II, is seen sitting on an orange couch with her husband Sir Timothy Laurence.

The two are watching a match for the Scottish rugby team on television, for which Princess Anne is a spokesperson. “As the patron of @scotlandteam, the princess often supports the team from the stand, can we read in the caption of the photo. His Royal Highness and Vice-Admiral Sir Tim bowled Scotland out of the house today as the team played against England for the Calcutta Cup, 150 years after their first game. “

In the video, Elizabeth II and Princess Anne congratulate the “caretakers” by Videoconference

In immersion with members of the royal family

The photo of Princess Anne and her husband is said to have been immortalized inside her residence in Gatcombe Park, Gloucestershire. And the couple’s home is a happier mess than the Mary Kondo method, amidst many statues, dog baskets and crowded shelves. But among these items, some undoubtedly give them the famous Japanese “spark of happiness”. Thus the family specifically portrays Zara’s baptism, the princess’s daughter, and a picture in which the little girl appears with her brother Peter Phillips.

Since the advent of the coronavirus epidemic, many members of the royal family have been forced to move out of their living rooms. Camilla of Cornwall shared glimpses of her neat library in Birkhal, Scotland, and her slammed doors in Anmer Hall, her home in Cambridge, Norfolk.

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