In the United Kingdom, a succession of embarrassing scandals for Boris Johnson

In the United Kingdom, a succession of embarrassing scandals for Boris Johnson

Surprisingly reversed political atmosphere in the United Kingdom: While Boris Johnson managed to silence critics over his failed management of the health crisis in 2020, the British Prime Minister is again surrounded by business due to a successful vaccination campaign. Suspected of lies and corruption at the highest level, the revelation has followed each other for a few days in a way that something is to be lost.

April 25, daily Mail This ensures that in October 2020, Boring Johnson would have launched a second imprisonment – which was slashed for a month at the end of October, following an important meeting in Downing Street – “I prefer to give thousands of dead piles instead of a new f … imprisonment!” “ The Prime Minister sternly refuses these words, Monday 26 April (“It makes no sense”). But the BBC said on Monday evening that the remarks were indeed made.

This is the first time that Mr. Johnson, a successful ex-journalist, is involved in language differences. For example, at the beginning of the pandemic, they may have been baptized “Last Breathing Operation” Manufacture of respirators for manufacturers to make an immediate call. But the mention of the “heap of bodies” by bereaved families was very badly received, grouped together in the collective “Suffering Families for Justice Britain”, which drew dozens of responses on Twitter, stating that their mother, father, etc. . Died of virus “Were not just bodies”. The collective, which has built a very long “wall of remembrance” in the heart of London for 128,000 victims of the health crisis in the country, calls for a public inquiry into the management of the epidemic (still in vain). Downing Street.

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Who paid for the very expensive renovation of the Prime Minister’s apartment at 1is Floor of 11 Downing Street? According to British media, Carrie Symonds, partner of Boris Johnson (who may have been inspired by interior designer Lulu Little), The renovation will cost £ 200,000 sterling, while the Prime Minister has an envelope of just £ 30,000 per year for his private apartment. Who made the difference? Suspected of feeding the press with the revelations of the last few days, Dominic Cummings, former special adviser to Boris Johnson, said in an inflammatory blog post on April 23 that the Prime Minister’s generosity count “Donors” “who “Pay in secret” note.

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