“Ina’s Night”: Vain Mr. Reef Likes Wearing a Kilt

Durchaus unterhaltsam: Marcel Reif zu Gast bei Ina Müller.

Football commentator Marcel Reif was a guest in a late-night conversation with Ina Muller and was surprisingly charming as the “Elder Statesman” of TV football coverage.

“He once said of himself, I don’t like to eat badly, I don’t like to drink badly, I don’t like to dress badly and I don’t like being in bad company,” Ina Muller declare. The guest at the start of the show, which is the “Red Rag” for many football fans.

Hardly any football commentator is more polarizing than 71-year-old Marcel Reif. The longtime Sky commentator, who commented on ZDF in his first game in 1985, is considered vain and arrogant by many fans. A label with which the Swiss may prefer: “For me, arrogance and vanity are a very good incentive,” said Reef, who was previously asked by Ina Müller if he was “the most vain football commentator”. Then Reef immediately replied: “Vain? I invented it!”

The hostess cited a Twitter comment saying, “The only thing more unnecessary than Marcel Reef is the Pope’s dick, on which Reef was able to top it all: “You assholes are Stradivarius among violins.” . That was the best and most intelligent compliment I suddenly got.”

“King of Football” was rarely the topic of late Thursday evenings. The audience’s answer to the question of who would buy Club Reef if it had that much money was certainly not entirely meant and owed to the city in which the show was being recorded. “Den HSV” replied, Reif, who has lived in Zurich for many years, also holds a Swiss passport and, due to his youth, 1. maintains solidarity with FC Kaiserslautern.

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By the way, Marseille Reef also has close ties to Scotland and is often a guest in the capital, Edinburgh, which well-travelled Reef considers “one of the most beautiful cities in the world”. He also has a traditional lehenga, which he likes to wear “in a very small circle on Christmas and New Year’s Eve”. The vain Mr. Reef is somehow more charming than expected.

Marcel Reif and Instagrammer Caro Daur were the last guests on the current season of “Inas Nacht”. Only next year will they salivate again in the “Hamburg Haddock Post”.

All episodes of the current season are available in the ARD media library.


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