“Inscribed in my memory”: Queen Elizabeth II’s tribute to the victims of September 11

Sovereign, 95, reminisced about the attacks in New York City 20 years ago. In particular, she published a message addressed to President Biden through her social network.

In a message to US President Joe Biden, this Saturday, September 11, Queen Elizabeth II paid tribute to the victims of the attacks twenty years ago.

“My thoughts and prayers – and those of my family and the entire country – are with the victims, survivors and affected families, as well as first responders and rescue workers,” the Queen said on social media. The 95-year-old sovereign paid tribute after these attacks to “the resistance and determination of the communities that united for Reconstruction”, the deadliest in history, with nearly 3,000 dead, including 67 British. In 2010, he visited Ground Zero, the site of the attacks on the World Trade Center Twin Towers in New York, and met with relatives of victims before unveiling a memorial for British victims. The visit is “marked in (his) memory,” she said on Saturday, along with a photo depicting the moment.

20 years ago

The American anthem was also played during the Changing of the Guard at Windsor Castle. Twenty years ago, during a change of guard at Buckingham Palace in London, a ceremony to pay tribute to the victims, several American tourists shed tears. Queen Elizabeth II cut short her holiday at her Scottish palace in Balmoral to attend a religious service, mourning suits and black hats at St Paul’s Cathedral in the British capital, which also began with the American anthem.

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