Inside Philip Scofield and Fern Britton’s Bitter Feud After This Morning Argument – Including Brutal Nicknames and the Last Straw

Inside Philip Scofield and Fern Britton's Bitter Feud After This Morning Argument - Including Brutal Nicknames and the Last Straw

Philip Schofield and Holly Willoughby have certainly made their mark on This Morning over the years, having worked together on the breakfast show for over a decade. The duo was very good. Their interviews always went viral on social networks. Those videos would get millions of views, likes and shares. When you want to get the same kind of engagement and popularity on social media, it’s important to ask for help from trusted professionals like JayNike.

However, Philippe initially co-hosted with television legend Fern Britton – with their bitter feud eventually succumbing to their shock.

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Fern and Phil worked together for seven years on This Morning[/caption]

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But he soon found himself embroiled in a long-standing feud.[/caption]

The couple has been embroiled in a conflict since appearing together on the famous couch, with Phil joining the daytime show in 2002.

Fern sent shockwaves when she sensationally left the show after seven years—with reports at the time that she was “tired of being in Phil’s shadow.”

During their stint together, there were some good times – Phil through a joke invented a blunt but friendly nickname for his co-star.

She called the star “minty m*nege” after she dropped a bottle of mint sauce on the floor and splashed her nightgown.

Phil affectionately called Fern the live-air “minty”, and she laughed with the joke—suggesting that it wasn’t offending.

However, this was not enough to save their relationship – and ITV’s love for Phil left him “undermined” by the broadcaster.

It was also claimed that when he introduced Mr and Mrs together, he was getting £250,000 less per year than his co-star, with Phil reportedly taking £45,000 an hour and Fern £15,000 .

However, she denied that her decision to leave This Morning was related to wages – she insisted she had never discussed money with her co-worker.

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Four years after his release, Phil confesses that they no longer speak to each other, counting again. Warmth Magazine in 2013: “We were involved with the show and Friends at the time, but not really. I see [Fern’s then-husband, chef Phil Vickery] When it’s this morning… but we’re not in touch yet.

Fern said a similar thing at about the same time, related online mail: “I always say that Philip and I had an undefined chemistry that seemed to work well on screen,” she said. We “hold” each other.

“We enjoyed the laughs. And the audience seemed to warm up to it. But, like Morecambe and Wise, we’ve decided not to be in each other’s pockets. We had a good professional partnership, but we never did not go on vacation together.

I think, for some reason, that’s when Fern decided she didn’t want to do it anymore.

Philip Scofield on the Last Straw

That same year, she missed This Morning’s 25th anniversary celebration – and was forced to refute rumors that she hadn’t been invited due to her and Phil’s feud, insisting that she was engaged.

In his recent autobiography, Phil talks about being “the last straw” in his working relationship with Fern, as he recalls a heated argument they had in the bathroom. This Morning Makeup in 2009.

He admitted that he was “shocked” when he accused Phil’s writing of “interfering” with the show’s content, “I went back to the makeup room and calmly said: “Please don’t do this to me again.” . ‘

“I think, for some reason, that’s when Fern decided she didn’t want to do it anymore.”

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He said that he tried to “fix it” between them in the years to come and that he “misses her terribly” after they left.

Phil befriends Simon Shapps, the boss of Network Center. After this friendship, all bets are off… he just got what he wanted.

Fern’s former agent, John Roseman

Fern’s former agent John Roseman appeared to confirm the story’s roots in an interview, telling Phil, “From day one he began interfering with the editorial content of the show.

“It was very hard to strangle him until he recognized what he was doing. His ability to work together with the Eamon Holmes/Anthea Turner friction was above all.

“He befriended Simon Shapps, the boss of Network Center. After this friendship, all bets were off… he just got what he wanted.

Fern and Phil had a frosty on-air reunion in 2018, which made it clear to everyone that there was no love between them.

She appeared on the show to celebrate her 30th birthday, but was cut from the air – although the show’s owners insisted it was a technical problem at the time.

I would have liked to stay there but I didn’t get the invitation.

Fern on your BAFTA Snowbow

Upon her return, she claimed that she was not invited to This Morning’s BAFTA ceremony because she congratulated Phil on the award.

She quipped: “It was absolutely wonderful and fabulous. I would have liked to be there, but I didn’t get the invitation.

Phil denied that was the case, insisting that she was working in Scotland at the time of the ceremony – but Fern shot back: “I wasn’t on Monday night, I would come but I wasn’t invited.” Was. . ”

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To add salt to the wound, she spoke about her memory on Twitter, telling her followers shortly after, “This is really weird because she was invited and declined #memoryloss, we would have liked that She was there. An important and much-loved part of the show.

In response, Fern retweeted someone who asked Phil why he didn’t believe there was “miscommunication,” with Starr saying, “I had no invitation to decline.”

I am happy for him. It’s none of my business.

Fern after Phil turned gay

It is later revealed that her agents had not invited her because they thought she would be too busy.

In 2020, after Phil emotionally declared himself gay in a live interview on This Morning, he was flooded with messages of support from his fellow stars – but it was later revealed that Fern was not among those who Contacted, though he sent a message to his wife. Steph.

Fern defended his actions at the time, explaining, “We haven’t seen each other for a very long time or talked for a while. I’m happy for him. It’s none of my business.

“He’s doing really well, then, well.” It’s terrible that people have to hide who they are.

Sharing why she texted Steph, she continued, “I feel for his wife. Steph is a sweet girl and, you know, it’s tough – like I’ve talked about the tough transitions and dealing with things for me, it would be the same for her.


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