Inside the epic vacation homes of cabins with log fires and hot tubs as ‘Winter Love Island’

Inside the epic vacation homes of cabins with log fires and hot tubs as 'Winter Love Island'

As the scorching spectacle begins, fans of the cabin got a glimpse of the interiors of the epic vacation home complete with log fire and hot tub.

Dating show ITV2 is back in great style for its second series.


Cabins are in full swing for luxury accommodation[/caption]


The second round of the ITV dating show is underway[/caption]

Nicknamed the “Island of Winter Love”, television owners have made every effort to create a wonderful atmosphere for hopefuls in search of love.

Cabins see the couple move in together as soon as they meet.

The second series is filmed in an all New Wales setting with hot tubs and comfy loveseats.

In a new twist to the series, it features three cabins — Otters Pocket, Stag Mount and Beaver Burrow — that are stacked tightly against each other, so couples will also have a chance to chat with their next-door neighbors.

This gives the audience a glimpse of what is really happening in the booths.

Each cabin has its own color scheme in rustic tones and is decorated with elaborate headboards and string lights for the night.

The Beaver’s Burrow features a navy velvet sofa and classic navy blue upholstery.

The Otters pocket is embellished with soft faux fur in an attractive teal tone and plush throw.

Stag Mount has a royal Scottish Highland vibe with a purple and green backdrop.

Meanwhile, fans are already excited about the second season.

They rejoiced when JD finally sent Denny to pack his bag, when he was furious at the way he treated her.

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Fans took to Twitter after JD, 26, dared to break up with 20-year-old Denny, because he “gave her nothing in return”.

One of them tweeted: “I loved JD, but hated the way Denny treated him.”

Another said: “Denny was more interested in his phone. Best thing for him.

A third said: “Jade is very frank, direct and honest with Denny and she doesn’t give anything back. Your presence alone is not enough that people want to be around you, you need to be involved.” .


Denny Stars in The Cabins Series 2[/caption]


Competitors were treated to a great dig[/caption]


This season’s decor is rustic and cozy[/caption]

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