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Thomas Zeitler beim Iona-Gottesdienst in Nürnberg

it doesn’t always have to be taize Ho. Ecumenical Brotherhood in Burgundy attracts those who want to try alternative forms with their atmospheric worship services, with chants of simple melodies forming the backbone.

Divine Services to Go in the Same Direction Iona-Community On the Scottish island of the same name. There is a monastery there which has its roots in the 6th century. “The lyrics and melodies are so clear and concise, incredibly poetic,” explains Zeitler.

How did the Iona community come to be in Scotland?

From 1938 the Scottish clergyman George MacLeod had rebuilt the monastery, which had been abandoned after the Reformation, with young clergy and unemployed shipyard workers, introduced clear daily structures with times for prayer and work, and thus a new community. laid the foundation of Social interactions across class boundaries were an engine from the very beginning.

One of the peculiarities of Iona is that people from all continents come together here for between seven weeks and three years to live together under ordinary conditions. Iona is committed to social justice, peace and environmental issues and to a safe space for lesbians, lesbians, bisexuals, trans, intersex people and queers. “It certainly has something to do with the sense of optimism in Europe in the middle of the last century,” Zeitler says. With the 68th generation, there was a new surge of youth bringing in topics such as peace work, feminism and ecology.

Active youth work, new trials, modern music and simple forms of worship are reflected in the prayer and music with which Iona is breaking new ground to reach people’s hearts. The Scottish Evangelical Church in the tradition of the Reformation should again be aware of the grand celebration. There is a lot of singing, dinner on the table, candles are lit. Alternative prayers are not to be spoken only by the Liturist. Says the pastor, “Everyone in attendance can take on the role of prayer leader. The service is celebrated at eye level, so very human and close.”

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