Ireland / France to follow on which channel and at what time?

Ireland / France to follow on which channel and at what time?

The Blues travel to Dublin’s Aviva Stadium on the second day of the tournament. And since we have won, this match will be tough on Sunday afternoon.

After his Roman walk, France’s XV proceeds to face Dublin XV with Claver. The match played at the magnificent Aviva Stadium where the Blues are struggling to win. Also, our last win in the Irish capital is of 2011. Lansdowne Road, the old stadium that held national stadium meetings, was the French Garden. In the end, he is not far, you just have to go back to the 80/90/2000s!

Meanwhile, the players Fabian Guthy Arrive with the ambition to keep the data in the correct order. The quality of the game played since last season and of course, the clear win against Italy (10-50) in Rome last Saturday, encourages us to be optimistic. Be careful with low levels of overconfidence though AjuriThis flattering result also allowed, due to changes made by a Transalpine staff eager to rejuvenate the workforce.

Two changes in France’s XV

So let’s keep a cool head at the start of the tournament against Ireland, especially after Ireland’s narrow defeat (21-16), owing a lot to the red card from the 13th minute of play. Peter O’Mahony. The author of The Green Flanker, Forward Shoulder, collects three suspension games at the same time and will not be in the game this Sunday. As Jonathan Sexton There was an uproar last weekend. The Irish opener will be left to rest. Two turns of fate that will not stop the Greens from pressuring us in the interminable battle. And, as they are well aware how to do this, water the air balloon wings while raising their wings. The blues are warned, and will be bloodied as usual. Luckily for us, the match will be played behind closed doors…

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For this setback, the coach trusts Italy’s winners and stays Antoine DuPont / Matthew Jalibert. Romain Entac is still closed. Two changes of day worry Anthony GelonchThe third-line wing was deemed more comfortable than Ryan and Dylan Cretin on the ground play Damien Penaud On the wing for his ease in aerial balloons compared to Teddy Thomas.


February 13 is Saturday

3.15 pm: England / Italy 2 France

5.45 ppm: Scotland / Wales at France 2

February 14 is Sunday

4 p.m.: Ireland / France on 2 France


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