Ironed laces, lukewarm water baths and travel furniture: Prince Charles’s little quirks

Ironed laces, lukewarm water baths and travel furniture: Prince Charles's little quirks

In your work Charles, King of England, Published on 18 March, the legendary reporter Michel Fure explores the daily life of a British heir. At the end of the day, a series of bizarre stories about the life of Elizabeth II’s eldest son.

“The prince has one thing in common with the rest of humanity. He eats, he drinks, he sleeps. The comparison stops there. “This is a description of Prince Charles, prepared by the legendary reporter Michel Fourche. In your work Charles, King of England, Published by Archipelago Editions on 18 March, the author explores behind the scenes the life of the crown prince. As a result, the delicious anecdote about the daily life of the future Charles III – the name he should once adopt on the British throne. Michele Fauré in particular provokes the latter’s petty quarrels. According to Paul Barrell, Lady Diana’s former heroism, a servant at Clarence House – the heir’s London residence – “spreads two inches of toothpaste on a toothbrush every morning when the prince wakes up and bathes in hot water for her”. At the same time, other workers wash and iron, “like every day”, the owner’s pajamas … as well as his shoe laces.

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Dresser, fresh linen and toilet seat

One author of the biography, Anthony Holden, said, “To understand how the poorest people live in British society, Charles has paid two servants by the state.” Forced by habit, Camilla de Cornouilles’ husband went so far as to carry her own furniture during her official visits. “So does he follow with his orthopedic bed (…), his fresh sheets, chest of drawers, two watercolors of the Scottish landscape, his own toilet seat and Kleenex premium brand PQ. Can we read”. Charles, King of England. Not to mention the many members of his staff, without whom future sovereignty would never go on. These include his security guard, his doctor, his valet and his secretary. An opportunity to treat yourself to the most viewed arrival.

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