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One of the most famous dogs in film history is back! In this new adaptation of Hano Olderdisson (2020), Lassi’s story is updated and takes place in green settings in Germany.

Lassie, the faithful dog for 80 years

First published in 1940, “LASSIE, CHIEN FID” LE “is a great classic in children’s literature. This Eric Knight novel is set during the Great Depression of 1930, which may suggest that the dog’s lassi was written by an English father. Why has one sold who lives in poverty?

The unfortunate animal is found hundreds of kilometers away from his home in Scotland, but faces various trials to find his family. It is a timeless universal story that once again suits cinema, but with some historical and geographical adjustment.

Lassi in Germany and on social media

In the German director Hanno Olderdissen’s film, Lassie lives with a struggling German family, but in our time. The workshop in which the glass blower father worked has just closed, just as his wife is about to give birth. As a result, the couple leave their home for an apartment, where Lassie is not welcome, so much so that the owner threatens to evict the family if they keep their pet. So the parents decide that Lassi temporarily finds someone else, while they find a solution.

But of course, the dog survives and sets out on a perilous journey through Germany to find the little boy in the family, who himself takes all the risks in search of his beloved animal. He is helped in his role by various characters, including a little girl his age with a difficult family situation, and is slowed down by a bad guy who will make the children happy. In conclusion, the scenario is suited to our time keeping today’s social network in its development. One thing has unfortunately not changed, however: the context of the economic crisis and unemployment affecting Lassi’s family’s father.

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Lassi has been a Hollywood star for decades

Lassie’s first film appearance begins in 1943, and is adapted from the novel almost as a classic. FID FLE LASSIE (Fred M. Wilcox) gives future legend Elizabeth Taylor one of her first roles, and the dog is played by a collie named Lassie Pal, whose career will also be fantastic. It would actually be found no less than six other films in the Lassi series until 1951, after which MGM would stop exploiting the vein, before Pal’s death in 1958 at the age of 18. From 1954, Lassie became the heroine of an anonymous television series with extraordinary longevity, as it did not end until 1973 after 588 episodes.

In 1978, Lassie made his return to cinema with LA MAGIE DE LASSIE (Don Chaffey), the only role as a bitch in the musical film genre in James Stewart’s association, which failed to stop the feature film from drowning in the box-office Was living , Which is nearing the end of his acting career. A few years later, Lassie was reborn on television in several series, but it was not until 1994 to see a new adaptation with LASSIE: FRIENDS FOR LIFE (Daniel Petrie), where a certain Michelle Williams first appeared in the cinema . And in 2005, a good remake of the first film of 1943 was released only under the title LASSIE (Charles Streege), most notably with Peter O’Toole. Facing such a CV, it is easy to understand why Lassie is one of the very few animals to star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Furthermore, the descendants of the first animal to play the role of a bitch played the role for decades, to illustrate the fact that in cinema, lassi has become immortal.

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