Is BTS heading for No. 2 on Hot 100?

Is BTS heading for No. 2 on Hot 100?

This week, BTSA once again vacated the Hot 100 throne, as its three-week ruler “Dynamite” was ranked first by Travis Scott, Young Thug and the MIA’s “franchise”. That cut doesn’t look like it’s heading for a second turn at the top, and there’s a high probability that it’ll move from side to side to allow another new tune to catch the spotlight … and BTS came back on the ride very well May top of the chart.

Last Friday, debutant Javash 685 and pop singer Jason Derulo re-released their single “Savage Love (Luxed – Siren Beat)” with new songs and voices from anyone other than BTS, who saw how well the song performed around the world. And wanted to get involved in a successful pop cut. The first tracking frame for the remix is ​​wrapped up this Thursday (October-October), and the U.S. Has performed brilliantly in, thanks to the inclusion of the band. .

Now that BTS is connected to “Savage Love (Luxed – Siren Beat)”, the huge fan base of the South Korean Sept rushed to smoke and probably bought it in the draws. All the attention that is being focused on the new focus is a shot to be officially deposited in a few days in a seven-member vocal outfit.

According to Billboard The rules, any version of the track taken by most people, appear on the charts. So, if the BTS version of “Savage Love (Luxed – Siren Beat)” is the most popular among listeners in all media, their moniker will forever be bound to further its success.

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Whether or not BTS is officially credited with “Savage Love (Luxed – Siren Beat)” by next week, the song will force a lot to gain in most areas, if not all. Billboard Charts have already found it. With sales and a surge in streams, it will be sure to shoot above the Hot 100 right away, presumably. The No. 1 spot will create drama. Right now, its main competition looks like BTS’s “Dynamite,” Cardi B and Megan The Stallion’s “WAP” or 24K Golden and Ian Dior’s “Mood”, and while the first two titles have begun to get lost in the matrix in the past frame. Or two, the latter is growing in popularity, but probably not as fast.

“Savage Love (Luxed – Siren Beat)” is a U.S. The radio already has one of the best-selling and most-played songs on the radio, and it seems to be growing almost every week. Now it’s hard to get on board with the biggest band in the world. Imagine that it won’t climb significantly on the Hot 100, which includes both shopping and radio (as well as trends) in its weekly rankings. And while difficult to predict with certainty, there is at least a tangible chance that BTS will be credited on its own when it makes its new peak.

If the group joins Javash 685 and Jason Derulo, they will earn another 10 hits on the Hot 100 in a very short time, and they could also collect another leader just a few weeks after making history by making their first landing. Sales, streams and radio play are all still tabulated, and it should be announced in a few days whether BTS has received proper credit and how much they helped to keep track.

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