Is Donald Trump going to break soon?

Is Donald Trump going to break soon?

At the end of his term in office, Donald Trump will have to dig deep into his pocket for his broken glass shack. The return to “normal life” will not be smooth.

January 20, 2021 is a historic date: it is the day that inaugurates the new US President Joe Biden, who succeeds a certain Donald Trump. The latter does not want to participate in the ceremony that will be followed around the world.

Banks are leaving it

But following his term will be serious for Donald Trump. The storm of the Capitol by his supporters, for which he is partly responsible, did not make things easy on the contrary. Everything has been in full swing for the last few days to remove him from the post. The US is now turning its stance on it, even to many of its Republican allies.

On the financial side, things are not going to light up for Donald Trump. You will know on 12 January new York TimesFrom now on, Deutsche Bank will not work privately or commercially with Donald Trump.

No more business possible

Trump still owes his former House Bank $ 300 million. Trump is unlikely to be able to trust the bank that forgives this debt.

The same can be heard from Signature Bank, where Donald Trump still has $ 5.3 million in deposits. This bank also no longer wants to do business with Trump.

but that’s not all

The sports world is also turning away from Donald Trump. Especially painful: golf! The American Professional Golfer’s Association has decided not to host its 2022 championship at the Trump National of New Jersey. Your director Jim Richerson has not explained how NBC News Report: “Our name is at stake”.

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Donald Trump is not only a passionate golfer, but the owner of 17 golf clubs worldwide. One of them, Trump Turnberry, is in Scotland. R&A (Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews) has just announced that no major tournament will be held until further notice is given.

New York Administration Announces Agreement

Last but not least, New York City abandoned Trump and his empire. New York Mayor Bill de Blasio announced that the management of two ice rinks and a golf course will no longer be assigned to the Trump Organization in the future. So far, these contracts have earned Trump $ 17 million annually.

Forbes put Donald Trump’s total assets at $ 3.1 billion in 2019. One might assume that this number would have to be corrected downward in 2021 and in subsequent years as well.


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