Is Jay Z Buying Mitchell & Ness Nostalgia Company?

Is Jay Z Buying Mitchell & Ness Nostalgia Company?

The Sport Fanatics merchandise store partners with Jay Z and other celebrities to grow their business.

Jay Z became an investor in Radicals in 2021 and Michelle Ness & Nostalgia will continue to work with them in their new bid to acquire the company.

Jay Z partnered with Fanatics to acquire Mitchell & Ness Nostalgia Company.

Did Jay Z Buy the Michelle & Ness Nostalgia Company?

Jay Z, along with several other celebrities, has purchased the Michelle & Ness nostalgia company with Fanatics as part of Fanatics’ latest efforts to expand its sports business empire.

The deal, being finalized for $250 million, is in partnership with Fanatics, an activewear company that will own 75% of Mitchell & Ness.

Jay Z will be joined by rapper Meek Mill, LeBron James’ business partner Maverick Carter and the TikTok fame D’Amelio family.

Mitchell & Ness has changed ownership several times, with Adidas buying it in 2007. It was sold to Juggernaut Capital in 2016.

Speaking about his involvement in the purchase merger, Jay Z said in a statement: “I am proud to have played a small role in bringing him back and, in some cases, in introducing the authenticity and quality of Michelle & Ness to a new generation. Is. . “

What is Mitchell & Ness Nostalgia Company?

The Mitchell & Ness Nostalgia Company was founded in 1904 by Frank Mitchell, a former tennis and wrestling champion, and Charles Ness, a Scottish golfer.

The couple worked together to establish their first sporting goods store in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Known for selling vintage sportswear today, more than 100 years ago Mitchell & Ness was known only as a small-town sports store that sold custom golf clubs and made custom uniforms for local football and baseball teams. Was.

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The company’s rise in the sporting world dates back to 1938 when the Philadelphia Eagles requested a partnership with Mitchell & Ness to manufacture their jerseys.

That all changed in 1985 when a local customer came to Mitchell & Ness Sporting Goods and asked if he could fix his 1960 Pittsburgh Pirates jersey and 1949 St.

Thus the idea of ​​vintage sportswear was born, and Mitchell & Ness became the Michelle & Ness nostalgia company.

Michelle & Ness nostalgia company sold for $250 AP

Why did Jay Z buy Mitchell & Ness Nostalgia Company?

Jay Z partnered with Fanatics for his sports betting efforts and became an investor in the company along with several others in 2021, helping the sporting goods company raise $325 million.

Their new partnership to buy the Mitchell & Ness nostalgia company will expand Fanatics’ already growing business and increase its revenue.

Michael Rubin, CEO of Fanatics, said in a statement, “I am extremely pleased that Fanatics is partnering with this incredible group of innovative owners to build on the company’s already strong business.

“Growing up in Philadelphia, we considered Michelle and Ness to be a sign of pride, and I truly believe this legendary brand knows no bounds. »

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