Is Jesse Nelson Little Mix left?

Is Jesse Nelson Little Mix left?

Being part of a band comes with its own set of unique challenges, and each hit band has a haunting one, who will leave the group first? The latest target of this type of inquiry: Little Mix. An Eagle Eyed fan noticed something out of place on the group’s newly signed album, leaving followers wondering: Has Jesse Nelson left Little Mix?

Megafans – dubbed “Mixers” by the girl group – their line is expressing their concern that Jesse leaves Little Mix only when a fan sees that there are only three signatures on their signed copy of the new album. Confetti, And Jesse’s signature is missing. I have contacted the group representative for comment and will update this section when new information becomes available.

Fan theory is one of the latest developments in the mix that worries mixers that Forsom is now a band of three. Last week, fans commented that Jesse was saddened by the recently deleted promo video for Bessie’s latest album, Confetti. Then, last week, the 29-year-old went missing significantly from the BBC’s final episode. Little Mix: Discovery Illness forced him to pull out. He canceled his appearance as a host with the rest of the group at the MTV European Music Awards, which raised further concerns for the singer and the band’s future.

There is an element of human error though playing here. Signing thousands of albums by hand is not easy, especially with four people. Maybe Jesse missed a few? Other fans have also noticed that some other girls’ signatures have been smoked on copies of their albums, maybe Jesse’s too?

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