Is the bad bunny retiring? Rapper Announces New Album With Cryptic Instagram Video! – HITC

  Is the bad bunny retiring?  Rapper Announces New Album With Cryptic Instagram Video!  - HITC

He announced the release time of his latest album on Instagram yesterday, but has drawn fans to ask a question: Is the bad bunny retiring?

The El Ultimo Tour del Mundo aka The Last World Tour will be available on Friday, November 27 at midnightM. The album follows February’s Yo Hago Lo Qui May de la Gana (I Do What I Want) and Mena Las Qui no Iban a Salir (‘People Who Didn’t Come Out’).

The name of the album is mysterious enough but fans are worried that he is retiring in the video he shared on Instagram. Before watching the press conference on TV and browsing through her albums, the rapper in the film announced at a press conference that she would retire from music.

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Is the bad bunny retiring?

The Instagram video suggests that Bed Bunny will retire, it seems, but fans have also noted another thing that points it out.

Her February album Yo Hago Lo Qui Me De La Gana features a song called Kerazan:

“In nine months I’ll be back and take another one, like Miguel Cotto, to retire peacefully.”

The album was released on February 29M, Which is about nine months from today, fans believe he will retire as promised.

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Principles about retirement

Although bad rabbit retirement seems possible, some fans are speculating what it means by retirement.

Ticket ok user @ torres.alejandro Analyzed the video Bed Bunny shared on Instagram and made a theory that he might retire by becoming his altered ego aka Trap.

In the video, she is in a ‘trap bunny’ dress, with her shaved head and face mask. However when he focuses on the albums aka his ‘retired’ self, it is in his regular attire that he now wears mostly.

Fan reactions to bad rabbits retiring

Of course fans of the rapper have been hit hard by the idea of ​​retiring him.

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