It may be one of the fathers of 19th century short story science fiction

It may be one of the fathers of 19th century short story science fiction

Scotsman Robert Duncan Milne has published over a hundred stories in newspapers and other magazines. This short story not only inspired other successful writers, but they specifically anticipated the arrival of certain elements of our current society such as climate change, democratization of television, or remote surveillance in the nineteenth century.

A visionary short story

Robert Duncan Milne (1844–1899) is a relatively little-known author. The short story was born in Kapar, a small town in Scotland before studying at the prestigious University of Oxford. Without a diploma, he went into exile in California (United States) where he also became a shepherd, cook or worker. Pretty fast, His talent for writing Made the point And the person concerned is having some success. He regularly publishes his news in various newspapers or in magazines. The argonat, Is located in San Francisco and was active between 1878 and 1956. And as the Scottish daily explains The Press and Journal Robert Duncan Milne may be considered on January 20, 2021 One of the father of science fiction thanks toLeading aspects of his works.

It must be said that this 19th century writer predicted many components of our present society and possibilities for the future. These include television, remote monitoring, as well as long-distance communication by satellite and cell phone. In their works they have Also mentioned climate change, Also cryogenics or drone warfare.

Crédits: Cryonics Institute

According to Dr Keith Williams of the University of Dundee (Scotland), Robert Duncan Milne imagined the world in which we were now aiming. After this he Interconnected network world, Immersed in digital technology. And yet, in his time, only the first forms of telegraph and telephone could inspire him on such subjects.

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Inspirational work

A true pioneer, the author particularly inspired Herbert George Wells and his famous book Time machine (1 (95). Also, how not mentioned L’Eidoloscope The This news gave ideas to the inventor of one of the first film projection devices of the same name. This machine, patented in 1895, is after news that a device was described capable of doing Review and planning Any previous action.

After a drunken ending and a tragic accident, it will be a long time before some of his work To happen again in the book The sun and other stories (1980) in the United States, edited by Sam Moskowitz. Today, Dr. Keith Williams is supporting Ari Brin, a doctoral student at Dundee University. Its mission is Collect all writing Robert Duncan Milne in Collection The Essential Milan.


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