“It saved my life”: Elliott Page announces her breast removal


In December, the actor revealed that he was transgender. Today, he believes in the “time”, which he covers, that he has undergone a mastectomy.

Elliott Page was already recovering from his surgery when he went public with his new gender identity.

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Elliot Page is finally able to live his life authentically after surgery to have his breasts removed.

Last December, the “Juno” star announced that she was non-binary and transgender, as she shared her favorite pronouns “he” (“she”) and “they” (“they”). Today, Elliott Page revealed that he had surgery to flatten his chest, an operation he was already recovering from when he went public with his new gender identity.

In an interview with “Time” magazine, which he is covering, the actor admitted that the physical aspect of his transition was laxative because it is something he wanted because he endured the “L ‘total hell” of puberty . “It changed my life completely,” he says, adding later in the interview: “It not only changed my life, but also saved my life”.

“I never recognized myself”

After gaining fame with “Juno”, a teen pregnancy film in 2007, Elliott Page remembers struggling to feel comfortable in a woman’s skin, especially when it was about attending red carpet events. “I never recognized myself, he confessed. I couldn’t even see a picture of myself for a long time.”

Only women were being offered to wear clothes, which made him ill. “(I didn’t know) how to convince people that even though (I) was an actor, wearing a T-shirt designed just for a woman made me so sad,” he adds.

Elliott Page, who announced he was gay in 2014, credited the period of segregation at the beginning of the Kovid-19 crisis for confronting him with his long-standing gender concerns and fully acknowledging that he Who is it. “I really had a lot of time to focus on the things that I think I subconsciously avoided in so many ways,” he explains.

Get rid of shame and embarrassment

Inspired by the commercial success of transgender stars such as “Pose” writer and director Janet Mock and “Orange is the New Black” actress LaVerne Cox, Elliott Page was able to overcome the “shame and shame. Discomfort” she felt in her relationship Body done, and make a decision about how he wants to live his life in the future. “I was finally able to accept being transgender and let myself be fully who I am,” he says.

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