Ivy – Kulturundschau from May 7, 2021 | Kurzfilmet Oberhausen – Opening of the Freeze in New York – Modern Design from China

  Ivy - Kulturundschau from May 7, 2021 |  Kurzfilmet Oberhausen - Opening of the Freeze in New York - Modern Design from China
Dana Schuetz, The Ventriloquist, 2021. David Zwirner Gallery

Things are looking up (at least elsewhere). In New York Art fair Chitra Vallari Revealed. Will Henrik and Martha Schwendner have it for them new York Times Visited. It is smaller than usual, representing only 64 galleries instead of about 200, but “there is a lot of art to see spread across three floors”, convincing both, who exposed some artists after their introduction We do. Granule protection For example, Joe was attacked by Emmett Till in 2017 because of his painting. “Since then, your work has become heavier and deeper. The large-format images in this personal presentation – the highlight of the fair so far – have been full of fresh,” Bloody red, Poisonous greens and visually desperate brushwork. The figures trample the hills and main scenery Medieval austerity On; There is one in ‘The Ventriloquist’ (2021) Screaming doll Surrounded by the clouds of hell, while your Reptilian operator drinks a glass of water. “or Otis Houston Jr., “An autodidact that is also Black cherokee It is said. In his late 60s, he lives in East Harlem and spends hours each week performing art exhibitions and exhibits under the Robert F. Kennedy Bridge, still popular as Triboro. There is some simple combination and frugal, weird picture vibrancy, but it is Houstons textkunstIt is truly captivating. ‘If you don’t Cow head Maybe, ‘he advises with spray paint on a towel,’ they don’t have a tail. Happen The bellRing around his neck. ”

Another work by Otis Houston Jr., which has already been included by the New York Times Tall picture is devoted.

With the first NXT, Then that art Download as a file Can, he has actually been successful, the American artist explains Kenny scatcherWho is currently working with Eva Beresin in Wiener Gallery Charim Displays in The interview With him standard. This is also due to the fact that with NXT Gatekeeper in the art world – at least temporarily – were discontinued. NFTS has “changed my life. Even for many artists who have had to do something different for a long time. Different from it.” Hierarchical art world Now you can sell your art. Like instagram Democratize NFTs World of art. Instagram was the first wrecking ball here, with new platforms now more or less continuing. ” On eggs Pack and be happy. A new, young buyer base is emerging here. ”

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Anna Pomerneke with for Fresh answer Architecture photographer Stefan Dendorfer, who is at an Eckernförde art gallery 3DTravel Movies.


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