Jack Wood of Eastenders has confirmed that he was leaving in February – but ‘in a cab, not in a coffin’

Jack Wood of Eastenders has confirmed that he was leaving in February - but 'in a cab, not in a coffin'

EastEnders star Jack Wood, who plays Max Burning, has confirmed that the story of his exit will open the door for him to return to Albert Square in the future.

Speaking to Pierce Morgan and Susanna Reid of Good Morning Britain, Jack said: “When I said to a security guard on duty last week, ‘I’m sorry to hear you’re leaving, will you go to the cab or coffin?’

“It’s not exactly going to be a cab, but they’re leaving the door open, so I had so much fun for her.”

Asked when his final scenes would air, JK replied: “I think in mid-February, I’m shooting for another two weeks now so it will be in mid-February.”

JK confirmed that his character would not be murdered, and so he could return

Today saw the launch of GMB’s 1 million minute campaign to ease the loneliness associated with JK.

At the beginning of the director, JK directed a video with a poem about missed moments and 2020 loneliness written by British poet Hussein Manvar, while the music for the video was provided by Naughty Boy.

JK explained: “It’s been a fantastic year, it’s the same for every family in the country and below.

Max Braining is being blackmailed by Ian Bill

“I really wanted to try and give everyone a little reflection of what the whole year went through.

‘When I sent a tweet asking about some of the moments I missed from this moment, I was thinking of putting some moments in this film.

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“Some of the answers were quite heartbreaking.

“People are dead and they couldn’t stay there, people are missing their grandchildren and people who have chemo and people who can’t support friends and family.

“In my view, he was trying to put it all into it.

“I think the latest figures are nine million people in the UK alone, which is a big surprising number.”

* Good Morning Britain airs on weekdays on ITV at 6 p.m.


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