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Is Gad Elmalah going to be vaccinated? Starr answered “Seven to Eight” questions related to Kovid-19 for his “Portrait of the Week”, particularly on his hospitalization due to the virus.

Regarding his experience with the disease, which he contracted in early 2020, Gad shared: “I returned to Saint-Antoine Hospital in a state on March 5 … it’s really fatigue, it’s really Sleeping for several hours in the middle of the day, can’t understand where I was when I woke up, now there was no hunger, there was very intense pain everywhere, I was feeling dizzy … this Really trying! It was multiplied by ten, twenty! “

With fond memories of the time, Gad said: “Then complications, lung infections, pericarditis, heart complications. I was unable to climb the stairs without getting out of breath like I ran a marathon … it was really Was trying “.

The actor thus acknowledges that it took him “about three, four months” to “completely get back in shape, to play the game, completely before that”.

It is therefore not surprising that Gad is fully prepared for vaccination, although he wants his loved ones to be vaccinated before him so that they will be safe.

“I want to protect myself” he admitted. “I want to protect myself, my relatives and myself. First, I will send my parents as soon as possible and then I, yes, I will go.”

During this open-interview, the comedian addressed plagiarism charges as well as imprisonment, a period he spent with his parents. A doctor said one thing which was quite right, which means that the French do not want to believe, they have to follow. It is not ‘good or bad’, it is just that we are like that. So perhaps slowness and heavy mechanics, because in reality it is not common, is something wrong. We wanted this commentary. This is the only thing that can get us out of it. “

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