Jennifer Lopez, 51, set fire to social media with a steam bikini

Jennifer Lopez, 51, posted a steamy bikini photo of herself on social media Saturday evening. (Photo: Toni Anne Barson/WireImage)

Jennifer Lopez51 51, knows how to get bean racing.

Actress and The world of dance The judge went on social media on Saturday evening to post a photo of the steamy bikini taken by photographer Ana Carbololosa.

“Vacation vibes,” he captioned the shot, which was posted on Lopez. Twitter And Instagram Accounts. Lopez, wearing a soft pink and green floral bikini, raised her arms and grabbed her brown hair, showing her infamous curves and tone abs.

Naturally, the social media world responded with surprise. Christina Aguilera And Real housewives of Beverly Hills Star Lisa Rinna Flame reacted with emojis, while actress Draia de Matteo, who co-starred with Lopez in the NBC Cop series. Blue shadesHe replied, “Oh my God.”

“OMG it’s impossible – 51 ??????” Wrote a fan who called Tara a “Latina vampire”.

“And jlo Take the kids down once again, ”added another fan.

Lopez is definitely a lot on his plate these days. She is also the mother of her 12-year-old twins, Max and Emmy. But despite the pressure of being a working parent, Lopez never hesitates to put her children first. Meanwhile The world of dance In the semifinals last month, Lopez closed the show so she could make a facetime to say goodnight to her kids.

“It’s hard to be a working mom,” Lopez shared, Yahoo Entertainment Previously reported. “Any working mom would tell you that. I’m so happy to have this amazing career, but there are a lot of criminals with missing things who wish you were there when it comes to your kids.”

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Lopez and fiance Alex Rodriguez, 45, has enjoyed spending quality time with their respective children while at home during the epidemic. However he admitted that it was “Heart” She and Rodriguez postponed their marriage due to a coronavirus epidemic, the crew had a lot of fun together, even though the family was leaving. Hip-hop dance party Or taking a selfie in the backyard.

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