Jenny Ryan Partner: Is Vixon in a relationship? | Celebrity News | Showbiz and TV

  Jenny Ryan Partner: Is Vixon in a relationship?  |  Celebrity News |  Showbiz and TV

Jenny Ryan joined first Chase In 2015 and since then she has become known for her knowledge and as fast as Vixen. Today Jenny watches their new Sunday Morning Show Sunday Best with Martin and Roman Camp.

Is Vixen in a relationship?

He does not currently know who he is in a relationship with as he keeps his love life very private.

However, the Chase star has previously made sense of her life away from TV through her social media.

On her Twitter, Jenny hinted at a relationship, but she hasn’t spoken about it since.

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Last year the quiz showed her singing abilities when she participated on X Factor: Celebrity.

It was at this point that Jenny revealed how she helped Chase star Bradley Wallace accept the opportunity.

He told Digital Spy: “It’s always been, since I got involved in Chase, that he’s always encouraged me to push myself and find the opportunities I’ve been given.

“And that’s one of the reasons I accepted the audition invitation in the first place, because people encouraged me and I lagged far behind because of a lack of confidence.

“You push yourself to take on the challenge, and experience what happens.”

After coming to the show, Jenny spoke of the support she received from fans on social media.

Speaking this morning, he said: “After my first audition last week, the flood of comments I was getting on social media was overwhelming.

“I would spend half an hour watching the comments, then I would cry. It was so uplifting and wonderful.”

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Martin and Roman’s Sunday Best! Broadcast today at 8.30am.


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