Jodi Foster: “The Perfect Feminist Film The Portrait of the Girl on Fire!”

Jodi Foster:

The actress turns out to be short, but she still loves French cinema just as much.

Coming soon Convicted, Jodie Foster Is currently on a new number First (N ° 515, February 2021). Justifying his choice for shooting short films for a while, the star of Cab driver and you Lamb’s silence Looks back at his love of cinema, and passes his link with French 7th art. She, who speaks Mollier’s language so well, tells us about the joy in shooting Kevin Macdonald’s new film (The Last King of Scotland, Whitney…) with Tahar Rahim, spoken Illustration of girl on fireBy Kelline Symma, being her latest crush from France, and recalls her pride in helping to promote to hate, By Matthew Kasowitz in the United States.

Jodi Foster: Why She Is Getting Rare As An Actress

Here are three questions for Jodie Foster.

First: with Named guilty You have a link with french cinema Thanks for your cooperation continues With Tahr Rahim…
Jodi Foster: When I knew Tahar was going to play Mohammedu, I really jumped up in joy: A prophet Is a major film. On set, Shailene [Woodley] And I extended the honor of being in the same room as Tahar during his scenes every moment. This is what I love most about this acting profession: watching and supporting such performances.

What are your latest favorites French?
Illustration of girl on fire ! An instant classic. An excellent response to Male gaze. There is evidence that on women’s love stories, another look at women is possible. I sometimes do master classes in film schools and I often do a practice that I like. Select a very good but very inaccurate film and have students rewrite it to tell the same story, but with the women in the main characters. A postviri to understand how the director turned the film towards unnecessary misunderstandings. These exchanges are attractive and are a concrete way of practicing feminism. But perfect feminist film for me Illustration of girl on fire !

You are not only an audience of French films, you have also played A major role in the career of to hate Being very active The film was distributed in the United States …
People often ask me which film I am most proud of. This is right The Clothes ! The only film where I did nothing except help to know it [lire page 23]. This is yet another work that has changed the lives of many people I know, because they didn’t know what to hate Tells in France.
Interview by Thierry Chase

The full interview can be found in the new issue of Premier. Here is an illustrated summary of it.

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Premire N ° 515 Contents: Jodie Foster, Carol Bouquet, in medicine, Neil Giman, Paul Greengrass …

the story of Convicted : Captured by the US government, Mohammedou Auld Slahi (Tahar Rahim) was held in Guantanamo for years without trial or indictment. At the end of his rope, he discovers two unexpected collaborators: lawyer Nancy Hollander (Jodi Foster) and his colleague Terry Duncan (Shailene Woodley). With tenacity, both women will face a relentless system in the name of fair justice. His controversial plea with evidence exposed by the formidable military prosecutor, Lieutenant Colonel Stuart Cauch (Benedict Cumberbatch), will eventually lead to a plot as vast as it is condemnable.
Incredible true story of a fierce fight for survival and human rights.


Jodie Foster: “It’s like my whole life as an actress was in my film school”


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