Johnny Logan Reveals Award for Ireland

Johnny Logan Reveals Award for Ireland

On Saturday 15 May, on the second #FreeESC, live from 8:15 pm, ProSeben will turn 2021 again across Europe. Sympathizers from respective countries include two-time ESC winner Johnny Logan (Ireland), pop singer Lucas Cordalis (Greece) and “Wellman” interpreter Nathan Evans (Scotland).

In total, local representatives from 16 European countries announce their talks on Prosecben: Belgium, Germany, England, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Croatia, Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Scotland, Switzerland, Slovenia, Spain and Turkey.

How do you vote on #FreeESC?

The leading composers perform one after another with their country songs in Cologne. After the performance, audiences from Europe will present their points. In addition, “Free European Song Contest” presenters Konchita Wurst and Steven Gatzen will broadcast live to all participating countries. Local #FreeESC sympathizers follow the international singing competition.

ProSaben’s audience in Germany, Austria and Switzerland votes: by phone and SMS. Digits from each country (1 to 8, 10 and 12 digits). Calls and SMS are also converted into points. Whoever gets the most points wins the second “free European song contest”. You cannot vote for your country in #free.

#FreeESC is produced by Rab TV on behalf of ProAben.

“Free European Song Contest” on Saturday, May 15, 2021, live at 8:15 pm on ProSaben and Joey

Hashtag for the show: # free

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