Joko and Kailas exceed the limits of good taste in the “worldwide duel”

Joko and Kailas exceed the limits of good taste in the

Pro Sieben Rings for last round: Who will win the 2021 World Cup? The team is the reigning winner, but only those who decide the final of the 8th season can enjoy their victory until the autumn. And we know: both Joko Wintersdiet (42) and Klaus Heffer-Umlaouf (37) are enough to celebrate every minute of it.

The fame is not even really earned. Because since 2018 Gentleman has not been traveling around the world to stand on the swamp in Scotland or cover Michael Jackson in a Filipino prison. Two Pro Cyben Knoll batches have been busy in Egypt for a long time taking a selfie with a dug. They now employ celebrity friends for such jobs.

Claas Huerfer-Umlaouf sends Aki Bose to Paderborn

For example, in Switzerland, top model Stephanie Giesinger performs bungee jumping from a Matterhorn gondola and Joko scores a point for the team. In Poland, RTL presenter Jan Köppen has to run first from his hotel room and then from the world’s smallest escape room: a pipe in water. Singer Axel “Aki” Bose initially thought he had won the jackpot and must travel to Hawaii at Pro Siben’s expense. But then the lockdown ensued, and Claes Heufer-Umlaouf had to be rescheduled: Bose traveled to Paderborn.

While he has to stand there behind a fighter jet’s turbine, Joko and class earn their money the easy way: they throw things in the air in the studio, painting a black rectangle on their faces with a pen. Are, drink 80 percent rum and beard. When it comes to eating garlic cream, both refuse: as a nobleman Kasper from Pro Sieben, you really don’t have to do everything anymore.

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“Worldwide Duel” brings Mickey Beincerz to his limits

“Duel Around the World” creates the incredible might of being entertaining and tedious at the same time: there are repeated moments that are only funny because the heroes are visually funny. However, among these highlights, several minutes of broadcasting still serve to pass the time until the next product information. “Welcome to the duel around advertising,” presenter Janine Michaelsen. But maybe it was not a joke.

But Moderator and writer Mickey Besenhurz is then sent to the Kallas squad for Latas. On the way there, Besenharz cuts the chili pepper as soon as it appears sharp in the camera. Now that he is stuck in an incredibly bad sentence, Beisenerg provoked at first and provocatively asked if he could think of all this in the context of the Wintersdiak punchline.

Joko Winterschiedt: “He Seussed Himself the Whole Time”

Unfortunately no. At a Latvian theater, Mickey Beisenerg is invited by a local artist to be part of a performance and eat a piece of his own meat – freshly dissected from the back and then well cooked. “He seized himself the whole time”, Joko sang the terrifying punchline in the studio for Claes: without knowing it. is not that right? “Even Heufer-Umlaouf is speechless at first. And then says:” Not bad. “

For the first time, this game without limits has come up against one: the limit of good taste. Cannibalism be an art form and part of German evening entertainment, if you consume yourself? And isn’t there a perfectly adequate job for Beisenerg, who is also known for working as a gag writer for “Jungle Camp”? Private television never had more meta-levels.

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Claas Heifer-Umlaf is the new world champion

Besenhurz sees it differently. Fillet back a la Mickey? “It won’t happen, done, off.” He looks touched by the sight, and not only because of the many chili peppers: “You fly to Latvia like that? Moderator Michaelson is also certain:” This is disgusting on various levels. “He” crossed the Rubicon on the ribbon ” Presented Wintersdiet with. Life is back with this show: everything back to having fun.

This is followed by the destruction of cardboard in a black glazed car with a little bumper car and various equipment, until Cleas Heifer-Umlaouf is determined as the new world champion: no meta-level, no annoying consumer criticism, Just noise, boom and bang. This time is almost grateful for this.


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