Joseph Wilsmeyer’s “Charlie & Lewis” will be digitally remaked on Blu-ray Disc from March 2021

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Joseph Wilsmeyer’s “Charlie & Lewis” will be digitally remaked on Blu-ray Disc from March 2021

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Since this month, EuroVideo Medien GmbH is releasing films selected by Joseph Wilsmeyer, gradually remastered in 4K on Blu-ray and partly on Ultra HD Blu-ray. War drama started in december 2020 “Stalingrad – Until the Last Man …” (Germany 1993), who initially started Ultra HD Blu-ray Released digitally in February 2021 blue Ray Will be submitted later. To appear in February as well “Comedian Harmonist – Dreams Come True” (Germany, Austria 1997) on Ultra HD Blu-ray and digitally restored versions „Branch Lady” (Germany 1990) and “Autumn Milk” (Germany 1988).

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Another Wilsmeyer plant will continue in March. Becomes independent German comedy on 11 March “Charlie & Lewis – The Double Lottery” (Germany 1993), for the first time on Blu-ray Disc in high definition with Florian Eichorn and Fritzi Eichorn in lead roles. Publishes Digital remastered In one case as a standard version. The film will feature a coding in 1080p, AVC and a German DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 sound track. As of the present situation, Extra is not planned.

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material: Two young girls Charlotte Palfy (Fritzie Eichhorn) and Louise Kroger (Florian Eichhorn) meet on a language trip to Scotland and can’t believe their eyes at first: they are clearly twins who are separated from each other Went when they were still very young. Both roles decide without further ado. But they could not be more different. While Charlotte is a chubby bra and loves listening to techno, Louise is contrasted and shy. Charlotte grew up with her father Wolf (H. Luterbach), a diverse musician, and Louise with her mother Sabine (c. Harfach), an advertising specialist. Do the parents notice the difference and maybe the family can get back together? (Pf)

On Blu-ray Disc from March 11, 2021:

On Blu-ray Disc from February 11, 2021:

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