Josh Taylor compares boxing to WWE after Floyd Mayweather’s ‘prank’ fight against Logan Paul as Ricky Hatton called him a ‘***’ for boxing.

Josh Taylor described YouTubers like Logan and Jake Paul as a “prank” in boxing and compared their fights to something you would see in WWE.

The undisputed welterweight world champion put on one of the best performances by a Briton abroad to defeat Jose Ramirez and become the first four-belt world champion from those hills.


Jake and Logan Paul made big waves in the world of boxing

Nevertheless, the Scotsman received little attention from TV channels prior to the fight, the lack of coverage surrounding the incident in Las Vegas naturally troubling the ‘Tartan Tornado’.

Instead, outlets such as Sky chose to include an exhibition match between Paul’s older brother and 50-0 boxing legend Floyd Mayweather, which took place in Miami on Sunday night.

After eight rounds of what could be described as boxing, no winner has been crowned and the pair talked about the enormity of their bank balance during the post-fight press conference.

Speaking to talkSPORT Live from Glasgow, Taylor admitted that there were bright spots in the influx of social media stars in square circles, but the damage it is doing to boxing could be irreparable.

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Taylor is the undisputed welterweight champion in the WBA, WBC, IBF and WBO . Huh

He said, “I look at it in two different ways; I see it as a way of bringing new perspectives to the game.

“It brings in the little kids who love to play and YouTube brings in the game, it brings in fans and little kids like that.

“And if some of them come into the game and start training and follow that, that’s good, it brings new people into the game and opens up new eyes for the sport.

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“But in other ways it is making fun of the sport and it is not a competitive fight, it is people who have never boxed before in their lives. They take the stage and start turning boxing into almost WWE.

Despite holding the first UFC world title, Tyron Woodley, left, would earn the biggest purse of his career while fighting Jake Paul

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Despite holding the first UFC world title, Tyron Woodley, left, would earn the biggest purse of his career while fighting Jake Paul

“In a show, a little bit of fun, a little circus and sometimes it’s quite disappointing when you have a lot of fighters who have dedicated their lives to getting themselves involved so they can get it and make it. Fights big.

“They are somehow avoided and ignored; A past, an alumnus – even if he’s a really good alumnus – but he got ahead of his best and he’s fighting a guy from YouTube.

“That way it can be quite frustrating, but it’s also good for the sport.”

Ricky Hatton, who competed at 140 pounds during his incredibly successful career, shared a ring with Mayweather during his fanfare and held nothing back in his withered assessment of the fight.

Hatton didn't take a punch as he took a scathing assessment of Mayweather's antics on Instagram

@rickyhitmanhatton (Instagram)

Hatton didn’t take a punch as he took a scathing assessment of Mayweather’s antics on Instagram

Describing him on Instagram as “boxing for ***”, “Hitman” echoed Taylor’s sentiments, suggesting that the American no longer needed to worry about his bank balance rather than the integrity of his reputation. Not needed.

Taylor said, “It’s disappointing and I don’t want to disrespect Logan Paul or Floyd Mayweather, but Floyd Mayweather is the best of this generation.

“It looks like he’s damaging his name and his legacy in the sport by doing this for a few pounds. He’s not losing a few pounds, he’s made hundreds of millions!

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“He doesn’t need another £50 million, what will happen to his bank account?” It is, but it’s quite disappointing to see.

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