Juchim’s hammer secures the single point – and ages the audience

Frank Juchim (rechts) lieferte im abschließenden Einzel eine Top-Leistung ab. Nervenstark bezwang er den Dänen Mathias Rasmussen mit 12:10 im fünften Satz. Auch die Damen überzeugten: Larina Tornow (links) sammelte zwei Punkte.

Thrilling till the end point, and then with a better result for the badminton players of VfB/SC Peine. In the second Bundesliga North, the team won 4:3 against Horner TV from Hamburg. “He was just awesome. There was a real storm of glee through the hall and everyone turned a little grey”, says trainer Heiner Brandes, of the moment Frank Juchim hit the final men’s fifth set at 12:10. and gave his team its second win of the season. The second game against TSV Trittau II was canceled as the opponent withdrew his team from the game.


Vfb/Sc Pine – Horner TV 4:3 (13:13 sets, 255:227 balls). When Hamburger arrived at Vohram and Pine’s trainer Heiner Brandes saw the line of guests, he thought: “Oh, oh. He might be too tight today.” Horner TV came up with a “super cast.” Among other things, Denmark and Scotland had two internationals, as well as one of the best German junior sports. The latter scored two points for the guests.

In the first men’s doubles, Lucas Bednorsch and Lucas Gredner lost 3–0 to Scottish youths Jonathan Dresp and Jack McGregor – but each set only ended in 9:11. In other games it went back and forth. The victims compensated for this with their female duets. The Hamburg team followed suit in the second men’s doubles. “With women, I already thought we could make it without the ailing Laura Grader. For men it was a little more difficult to predict,” Heiner Brandes says.

Niklas König and Frank Juchim lost their doubles with 1:3. “It went really well, even though Frank isn’t really a double player,” says Peiner Coach. Personally, Juchim should still play an important role. A woman from the first VfB/SC Peine equalized the score. Larina Torno needed a set to go in, but then she won with confidence. Lucas Bednorsch lost the men’s singles and Peiner mixed with Lukas Gredner and Nadine Cordes to equal 3:3.

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“We definitely had a point – and we would have been happy with it,” Heiner Brandes tells WebMD. But personal expert Frank Juchim had a different plan. In a nerve-wracking game of more than five sets, he held Dane Mathias Rasmussen in control for two sets (11:5, 11:7). “Frank was able to make good use of his size,” Brands says. But the Dane fought his way back: he clearly won set three (11:6) and closed a match point from Juchim in the fourth round to win the set with 12:10.

And while it was all-or-nothing, Torment was 0:3 behind in the fifth set, with 3:6 and 6:8 later. “I thought Frank was getting the big flutter now. But he fought his way again. At 8:8, Juchim equalized, defended a match point at 9:10, and suddenly won the racket himself. “It was another strong final rally,” Brands wondered.

Both the players were nervous and missed two good attacking opportunities. “They were nervous and not as consistent anymore,” Brands says. Juchim hit the ball straight to his stomach and just shut it down, attacked himself and had to run across the field to catch the ball in his short four corners – that’s when the point was up to him as the Dane refused Had hit the ball a few centimeters out of the way. “Great to frank that he won it,” Heiner Brandes says.


Bednorsch/Gradner – McGregor/Dresp 0:3 (9:11, 9:11, 9:11)
chords/torno – up again. Flato 3:0 (11:1, 11:5, 15:13)
King / Juchim – Rasmussen / M. flato1:3 (9:11, 9:11, 11:7, 6:11)
Lucas Bednorsch – Jonathan Drespo 0:3 (8:11, 11:13, 6:11)
larina torno – Patricia Roe 3:1 (7:11, 11:8, 11:5, 11:5)
Lu. graders / chords – McGregor/P. Flato 3:1 (11:2, 11:4, 8:11, 11:9)
frank juchimo – Mathias Rasmussen 3:2 (11:5, 11:7, 6:11, 10:12, 12:10)

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