Judy Dench takes her name from a clairvoyant

Judy Dench takes her name from a clairvoyant

Oscar winner Judy Dench (86) named a clairvoyant. The day after her father met her, Dench reported to the London Sunday newspaper “The Observer”. Dench said, “She told him, ‘I’m so happy to hear from Judith. My parents didn’t know what to call me, so they called me Judith.” “Fortunately, I am no longer addressed by that name,” she said.

Dench uncovered the mystery of the name shortly before the premiere of her new film, “Blithe Spirit” (from January 15 in the cinema and on the pay TV channel Sky), in which she herself slipped into the role of a clairvoyant of the 1930s. At that time, the media was given a lot of confidence and people attended her show, the woman said, who was born on December 9, 1934. The actress said, “There is such a big world we don’t know about. I believe it because all sorts of things have happened to me.”

“Blithe Spirit” is based on “Ghost Comedy”, a 1941 hit song by Noel Coward, in which the legendary Margaret Rutherford played the medium Madame Arcati. In the film, Clairvoyant embodied by Dench establishes a liaison between the ghost of crime writer Charles Condomine (Dan Stevens) and his first wife Elvira (Leslie Mann), who actually believes he is still alive. This leads to a love triangle between Elvira, Charles, and his second wife, Ruth (Isla Fisher).

“I don’t know who I’m going to chase,” Dench told of her life in an interview with The Observer. The actress added, “I can travel places and I can swim around Scotland because I love it so much.” James Bond boss “M” died in the Scottish estate film “Skyfall” of the same name.

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